bike tour to Portland
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Sat July 14 at 8:00 PM, Pacific Coast
Redwood National and State Parks, California, USA (Map & Directions)
Me & sibilatorix are leaving Santa Rosa today (June 24) on a recumbent tandem bicycle headed for Portland. Keep an eye out for us, and if you're on a Pacific Coast bike tour, we should totally meet up and/or ride together! Recumbent tandem. Hard to miss. We'll be state park hopping, staying at the hike & bike sites.
PS if you're in a car, please drive slow and give us piles of room <3

PPS if you see us in one of the state parks, you can totally try it out. you don't need to know how to ride a recumbent to ride on the back of a recumbent tandem!

PPPS we have ice cream cone s'mores right now....

Estimated arrival in Portland is some time in week 2 of July.
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Safe travels!
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If you tire of parks at some point, you are welcome to our yurt or guest room and a home cooked meal. We are just off the 5 about 20 miles south of Eugene.
Travel funly and safely!
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Do you have a photo of this bike posted somewhere? A recumbent tandem would be something to see.
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SLC Mom - Thanks! We might take you up on that! Probably in the vicinity of July 10, give or take a few days. We should have a better sense of our pace and schedule by the end of the week.

I hadn't really considered heading inland on Hwy 38, but it looks like a reasonable route, and I recall enjoying the ride from there up to Eugene last time I was down that way. Even if we don't stay with you, thanks for the route suggestion!
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GuyZero - It's an entry-level recumbent tandem off craigslist.

You can do an image search for "double vision recumbent tandem" to get the idea of what we're riding (we're not traveling with a camera).
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You'll be going against the wind, won't you? I did part of the pacific coast in 2014... in winter. Ended up with tendonitis from battling the wind and rain (we were going south). I bet you'll have a much better time than I did this summer!
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Ahoy and happy travels! I live in Eugene, so if you find yourselves in the mood for a cold one or two on me, let me know!
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but no cigar - omg ICECREAM MEETUP?! Will post ETA as we get closer and try to make it work :D

lilies.lilies - i heard and read that April /May & September /October have the least fog if you decide to go again some time. re:headwind, one of us is always drafting!
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Heck yes, an ice cream meet up! We have a fabulous place for the best ice cream (Prince Pucklers rules) and I'd love to treat you to an icy refreshment!
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We are in Eugene too! And would love an ice cream meet up :)
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ICECREAM MEETUP! JULY 11th. Prince Pucklers in Eugene. Noon? We can do early evening if people have day jobs.
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Leaving Cottage Grove now. ETA early-mid afternoon. Will pop in Prince Pucklers for some icecream. YUM! If you see a couple of people with a recumbent tandem, that would be us. Camping tonight at Armitage State Park hiker biker site if anyone wants an inpromptu camping trip. But we already ate all our vegan marshmallows; BYO.
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Just had a quick milkshake at Prince Puckler's, heading up the street to Washburn Park for a bit before we make the trek across the city to Armitage SP.
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Checking in to report that we had a fabulous time with sibilatorix and aniola, who are impeccable House/YurtGuests and fun and interesting to boot.
A+++++, would meetup again!

I hope the rest of your journey is safe and fun.

P.S. the Tayberry syrup is wonderful!
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SLC Mom - Thank you so much for hosting us! We had a great time and hope to hear how all your projects turn out. Maybe a Portland meetup one of these days... let us know when you're going to be in town!

P.S. haven't gotten into the blackberry jams yet, but I'm looking forward to it. (-:
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