Zoo Meetup
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Sat March 17 at 10:00 AM, National Zoo
3001 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
This coming weekend (Saturday, March 17th) we will be having a family-friendly meetup at the zoo! Everyone is welcome; we thought this would be a nice opportunity for people with kids and people without kids to hang out especially because the zoo is FREE!
The plan is to meet by the carousel near the lions at 10:00 but if you show up later I'm sure we can find each other. Hopefully many people will be able to attend! See you Saturday!
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posted by whitewall at 2:53 AM on March 13, 2018

Aww, man, we have plans for this weekend already. Sorry to miss.
posted by EmilyClimbs at 6:11 AM on March 13, 2018

Unfortunately the family-friendly appeal of this is no match for the bane of parental existence: we have two kid parties to go to that day, one overlapping. Lots of good stuff happening on their calendar. I added it to my calendar feed precisely because the free nature of the zoo always leads us to impulse trips and no planning to see these things. Hope y’all have fun.
posted by phearlez at 9:52 AM on March 13, 2018

Did I miss everybody? Was meetup cancelled?
posted by Mr. Justice at 7:15 AM on March 17, 2018

No we're still here! We're by the carousel now. Two adults and toddler in a light blue coat.
posted by Bulgaroktonos at 7:25 AM on March 17, 2018

Wish we could've joined you... got our tax appointment to see to!
posted by duffell at 8:40 AM on March 17, 2018

Nice to meet everybody! Ignore previous comment.
posted by Mr. Justice at 9:43 AM on March 17, 2018

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