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Sat November 18 at 10:30 AM, The Long Room
1612 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
And we've made it through all 17 of the years that have passed since last November somehow. In the oldest tradition of Second Saturdays, let's get together on the Third Saturday to commiserate and even celebrate what we can.
We'll be meeting at the Long Room around 10:30 for brunch and fellowship. I'll be bringing postcards so you can write:

* Your Government Representatives
* Voters in the Upcoming Alabama Senate Special Election
* Your friends and loved ones to say "Hey, I love you and I'm glad we're all still here"

Whether it's your first time or your fifth, I hope to see you there.
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I'll be camping and can't make it this time, but I'll try to remember to bring postcards with me and participate from afar.
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I don't know if I'll be able to make it, but I'll try.
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I also can't make it but I do love y'all and I am glad you are still here.
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I will try to make this -- postcards, brunch and mefite company sounds like a winning combination.
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I have not made it to a single one of these, and I have wanted to, but I wasn’t ready. I am going to make ALL OF THE EFFORT to get there this time.

I think mostly because I can finally actually engage with the world without melting down or freaking out now, and have been able to maintain at this steady level for a few months. There’s nothing that’ll keep you at home on a Saturday morning more than the fear that you’re going to explode into uncontrollable sobs for no discernible reason in front of people who you mostly don’t know.

I will see those of you who are going to be there in a week!
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Also, “I love you, and I’m glad you’re still here” should replace “I just want to say good luck, we’re all counting on you” on the gray. It would make the world one nanogram nicer each time. I’ve done the math.
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I'll pick up some stamps. Maybe bring some talking points. Anyone have an issue they'd like information on?
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Also, if you're planning to come to this, you might consider signing up with Postcards to Voters. Then you'll have something to do! 24 postcard writing days left in the Alabama race (though I don't know how many addresses they have left).

Postcards to Voters uses registered Democrat likely voter lists to send postcards in targeted races from school board up to US Congress. They send you addresses (no names, you address the card to "Voter!" or whathaveyou), the date of the election, the name of the candidate, the office, and 3-5 talking points. You write a postcard encouraging the person to vote in the election and telling them that so&so i running.

Facebook Page
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Thanks, crush! I have sent off a sign-up text. Even if I don't make this, I can now write and send postcards.
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Thank you crush, because Postcards to Voters was exactly what I was going to suggest!
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I am going to try and make it too. I'll be a bit late if I am as I have a haircut scheduled at 10:30am
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I've got a bag full of blank postcards (4x6 index cards anyhow), craft supplies (markers, fancy pens of all colors, washi tape, stickers), and will pick up some postcard stamps too.
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I appear to have the freaking stomach flu or whatever it's called (I have been told there's no such thing as "stomach flu" but the phrase works). I hope it will be done tomorrow morning, because as it stands right now I can't be more than 15 feet from a bathroom for any period of time.

Grrrrrrrr... at least this is the last school year that I'll have two students on Wednesday afternoon/evening, so once June 2018 rolls around, I'll actually be able to attend monthly Goats.
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I should be able to be there!!
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I'm running a skosh late and am very angry, both due to the USPS. (Why wouldn't the largest post office in the suburbs have postcard stamps? Absolutely ridiculous.). See y'all soon!
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I'm also running late. Due to not having woken up and then having three cats to feed. See you all there!

also: Postcards to Voters

Apparently, there's controversy in this race.
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Big table was taken so we’re in the back room.
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we are missing due to nasty colds.
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thanks, folks, for being you and for writing postcards!
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Also, I am still full of biscuit.
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What was the name of that amazing coffee cocktail again?
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The Landline: coldbrew, rye, demerara sugar syrup. I don't recall if there's any bitters or amari but I actually don't think there is.
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Pretty sure it has walnut bitters. I <3 the Landline.

Sorry I couldn’t join you all this time but I’m glad you met up and I’ll be back again next time we do this!
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Walnut bitters would make sense--it seems like there's another flavor in it. I was trying to remember what I saw the bartender use when she made it for me and I remember the rye, coffee and syrup but not a bitters bottle. I suppose I'll have to go back! Or just experiment at home.
posted by crush at 2:31 PM on November 19, 2017

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