Providence Drinks And Or Food?
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Wed October 25 at 7:30 PM, The Red Fez
49 Peck St, Providence, RI, USA (Map & Directions)
Work will bring me to your fair town on October 24th and 25th. Having never been before, I would enjoy finding a fun place to drink the delicious beer of your land on Wednesday October 25th. I'm not precisely sure when I'll be done for the day, so a late-dinner may also be in the cards, depending on the timing...I'm thinking somewhere around 7-8pm? I'm staying at the Omni and enjoy walking but can grab a cab or whatever also.
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I will probably be unable to attend, alas. The Trinity Brewhouse is pretty close to the Omni, has excellent beer, and decent pub food.
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Finally getting myself to a MeFi Meetup is on my Bucket List, but I'll need to check the mister's travel schedule.
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I won't be there but I can vouch that chococat is neither chocolate nor cat, but as cool as either.
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So this one kind of died on the vine, eh?
Not a problem. The Red Fez looks like an interesting place so I'm aiming to head over there on my lonesome between 7-8pm for some dinner and a few beers after a long day. Anyone is welcome to come by! Time may change if work goes longer. If they have wifi I'll check this thread. If not, look for the Canadian with glasses and a receding hairline, sitting by himself.
(Thanks for the Trinity Brewhouse tip, GenjiandProust; had my dinner there just now.)
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Um, is the problem that everything in the description here says 10/25 but the date on MeFi says 10/31?
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Fuck, sorry. I suck at this. I swear it didn’t say that before I confirmed it yesterday.
Anyway I’m just wrapping up at the Rhode Island Convention Center and heading out. Probably be there close to 8. Super long day and boy do I need a beer.
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OMG best meet up ever.
chococat was exactly as I thought he'd be. Easygoing, didn't dominate the conversation. Picked the exact kind of beer I like; it was uncanny! Despite chococat's being a solo patron, when the server brought the bill after only 2 beers, chococat didn't seem to internalize it as a sign that he was some kind of creepy loner, as other Canadians might; but rather he defiantly ordered one final beer and tipped way too much for this particular grouchy server. Ha! Take that, America.
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Meetup for One
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