Boston October 13th
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Thu October 13 at 7:15 PM, Tavern Road
343 Congress St, Boston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Has anyone ever proposed a meet up and then not shown up? I'd love to grab dinner and beer with some Boston MeFites while I'm in town working but I may have to be a jerk and cancel at the last minute.
I'm flying into Boston on October 12th to shoot a corporate promo video on the 13th. I've never been to Boston and don't know anyone there or barely anything about the city except for the Tea Party deal and the television show James at 15. After I shoot the video I've got 24hrs to turn out an edit, so I've booked an extra day at the hotel so I can finish the cut there before I fly home the next day at 8pm on the 14th. Everyone else is going home on the 13th so I'll be on my own and I need to eat dinner and I'd love to go somewhere cool and meet some nice people and also BEER is a thing that I quite enjoy, particularly beer that is local and crafty and delicious.
My concern is that things sometimes go wrong or long or stressful in these types of gigs and that I may have to bail and just spend the evening working and then I'd feel really bad.
I noticed that there's another proposed Boston meet up but I didn't want to interlope on that since this is something different entirely.
I'm staying close to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center which is South Boston I think?
Sorry if this is strange.
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chococat! You're the most have-it-together musician on MeFi Music!

Is the 13th the night you have free, then? Because of kid stuff, I can never be completely certain I can make a thing, but sounds like Tavern Road near South Station might be a good candidate. They have beer, local beer, and for non-drinkers, pretty good food, that is a touch fancy. If you map out a route from your hotel to there, does that seem doable?
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Anywhere near South Station would be really good for me, as I'd need to hop on a train home after the shindig.

Good news is even with the Sox in the playoffs there won't be an AL game that night, which should keep the crowds down.

I'll put myself down as a maybe and see how the week goes.
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I won't be here next week unfortunately! However, you're close enough to the Harpoon brewery that you could meet up there (or go on your own another night). They don't really have food per se (they make pretzels from the spent grains, but that's it), but do have the full Harpoon line-up on draft at all times.
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I'll be around, but unsure exactly when I will be around. But as ignignokt said, you are teh chococat; you were the first on my MeFi Music Radar; you are a Talented Musician. If I can be wherever "there" is, I will.
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Oh, and yes, someone HAS proposed a meetup and not shown up. But [a moderator] was there along with 25 other mefites, so by the time the meetup was winding down, we were all like, hey, where's [OP who called the meetup]?
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Hey cool, thanks everyone, good tips. Yes, I'm talking the night of the 13th. Thursday.
The place ignignokt suggested is a 12 minute walk from my hotel, the Seaport. Works for me. Maybe I'll wait a few days and see if anyone chimes in with other input?
Apparently there are "complimentary bikes" at the hotel so I might be semi-mobile. My wife took that to mean the bikes were gifts and she requested me to choose one with high handlebars to bring home.
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I did that once in Portland. Didn't seem to be a big deal though. Other meet ups have been successful. Independence helps.
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As I anticipated, more stuff has been piled on me while I'm in Boston, so I won't have much free time unfortunately but I NEED TO EAT DINNER so I'm going to go ahead and book this. Tavern Road, suggested by ignignokt, is really close to my hotel so I've reserved a table for 4 for 7:15pm. I'm going to hang out there for a bit and eat something (the burger looks pretty good) and have a few beers and then go back to work so I don't think it will be much of a late night for me.
Come by if you can, no pressure though! MeMail me if you want my text #.
I'll be the white guy in his 40's with a receding hairline.
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I'll join the maybe pile, just to make more stress! Confirm midday on the 13th, maybe?
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I'm leaning toward "yes" because Thursday band practice was cancelled.

I'd only back off if a "Possible Issue I Need To Take Care Of" actually happens on Thursday and not Friday. (And even then, I may be able to come by and have a strong cocktail because I'll probably need one by Thursday evening, for either contigency.)
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Well, it looks like childcare timing isn't going to work out for me. My wife probably is not going to get home in time for me to go. Oddly enough, though, she might be able to go in place of me!
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Sadly, I won't be able to make it tonight.
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Have we reached a consensus that this is happening? I'm free from work in time to make it...
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Well I'm going, 'cause I hafta eat.
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I am coming!
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Late yes! maryr and I will be there!
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yep me too!
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yay! on my way in a bit.
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That was fun.
Nice to meet you all. Thanks for entertaining this foreigner in your strange land with its new and strange ways.
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That was indeed fun! Great meeting you, chococat, and safe travels!
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Hey if you guys are still reading this, any idea of where I can go for a few hours? I like walking, like old neighborhood hoods or cool historical stuff. I've got about 3 hours. So walkable from Seaport area.
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