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Fri April 14 at 7:00 PM, Breakside Pub
820 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Portland! LoRichTimes and I will be visiting from April 12 - April 15 and we would love to meet some locals and have a drink and chat about nothing! Come hang out at Breakside Pub at 7PM on Friday the 14th!
We don't have any set plans in the evenings yet so whatever time works best for the most people is what we'll go with. I realize that you have another meetup planned possibly for the end of the month but would it not be better to see each other's lovely faces twice in one month??

Am also taking suggestions for locations, but I would also be happy to just steal ideas from the other thread.
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would it not be better to see each other's lovely faces twice in one month??

Well, now, ya say that...

Actually, we hadn't gotten very far in the idea dep't in the other thread, so things are pretty wide open. What part of town are you going to be in? What if any transportation limitations will you be dealing with?
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We're staying pretty centrally and we'll have access to a car, so transportation won't be an issue. It's my first time in Portland, so if there's like a "how did you go to Portland without going to X" kind of place (that is not a total tourist trap) that would be lovely! But I am very much not picky on that.
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It's my first time in Portland, so if there's like a "how did you go to Portland without going to X" kind of place (that is not a total tourist trap)

There's a lot of stuff worth seeing but nothing that's the one indispensable thing. And a lot of stuff worth eating an drinking. So more of a "what sort of things are you into" thing, really, if you want recommendations. But for meetuppery there's lots of options in any case.
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Well, if you like beer, here are some places where you could get that sort of thing! There are many other equally suitable locations- these are just some I've been to a few times. But cortex and I are also generally willing to travel to whatever part of town for a meetup.

Rogue Eastside Pub and Pilot Brewery (previously The Green Dragon, where we've had many meetups- I haven't been here since the recent name change)
Lucky Lab (location 1, other locations)
Breakside Brewery
Oldtown Brewing
Ecliptic Brewing
Occidental Brewing

If you have an interest in a specific type of food (vegetarian, vegan, low carb, pizza, food carts, biscuits) or if you prefer non-alcoholic or non-beer drinks, I could come up with a modified list.
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If I may represent for inner northeast a bit, why not Prost! Bier Pub, which is surrounded by a multitude of food carts?
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I would not be hard to convince to go to Prost, I'll say that much.
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I'm not against it, but it tends to be small and crowded inside, and April's a bit early to think about outdoor seating (unless they've covered that over since I was last there).
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Mmm, Prost is good. Agreed on the possibility of a space problem, depending on what day and time we meetup, though. There's also Stormbreaker Brewing and Mississippi Pizza out that way, although Mississippi could have music going on depending on what time we're there. Stormbreaker is small inside but has a heated tent outside- looks like they sometimes do sports-watching events, so we'd have to check the calendar for that.
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I'd vote for the Breakside pub on Dekum, based on its food and beer offerings (scotch ale! more than one stout/porter!). But I've never been there so I have no idea what kind of seating is available...current attendance count is 6 total, which ought to be pretty easy to seat in most places unless they're hella busy.
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The only request I have is some small amount of wheat beer on tap, but other than that all of these places look amazing. It's starting to look like Thursday or Friday night would be best for us (13/14), would people be free for that?
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Oh hey! Just saw this thread.

If it's not too late and y'all haven't settled on plans, me and sibilatorix are planning to go to the Obon Japanese vegan comfort food popup on April 15 in the evening in a convenient North Portland location, and we've already invited a few people. It is the BEST food in town, and their popups are few and far between.

I look at the menu and think "shrug, it's food" but then I taste it, and it's amazing. They do some serious nerding out about their food, too.

Pretty sure they sell drinks, I just don't know what. We'll be there in any case, but all y'all should totally come hang out - this food is indispensable, I say! Even if it's not for this official meetup.

We are also hosting a birthday work party all day on 4/15 in which we install the soil and plants on the roof and all y'all are welcome to come to that, too -- it's going to be loads of fun and there will be plenty of food.
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I have something going on on 4/15, but 4/13 or 4/14 would work.
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Either the 13th or the 14th work for me.
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But, I guess I should add, only after 6pm-ish at the earliest (or anytime on Saturday).
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Since this is fairly short notice and we need to decide I'm going to say the 14th at 7 PM ish at Breakside?
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Limbering up my meetup muscles, see y'all tonight.
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Super psyched!
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If timing allows, cortex and I will be there early. Phire and LoRichTimes, I am not remembering if it's likely you would have met or recognize cortex or other Portland mefites? So here is a shoddy reference photo. I'll see if I can locate my mefi t-shirt and wear it.
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(Hey, that reminds me, we should do another ping-pong meetup some time!)

See you folks there.
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I may be a bit late; the traffic from Beaverton to the pub is pretty brutal typically and as I type, so I may wait until very close to seven before I even leave. Looking forward to seeing y'all, though.
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Oh okay! We're just wandering aimlessly in the area and it just started raining so uh we'll probably head on over soon too. I know cortex by...Twitter profile picture? And I have pink and black hair so I'm sure we'll have no problems finding each other. Yay!
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Cool, we'll be there in a few minutes.
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We're right inside to the right, y'all.
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Hey, fun meetup! That space was a little noisy, but we persevered. It was good to meet you, Phire and LoRichTimes! Let's meet up again if you find yourselves back in Portland sometime.
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We are finally back in the land of reliable domestic internet! That was a lovely meetup, thanks for coming out y'all. It was great to meet everyone!
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Yes! Definitely let us know next time you come back through town.
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