You Say Table Tennis, I Say Ping Pong
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Sat July 30 at 7:00 PM, Pips & Bounce
833 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
And I say let's play some! At Pips & Bounce (833 SE Belmont St). All levels welcome, from beginner to expert!
Pips & Bounce has 10 tables and plenty of paddles and ping pong balls, as well as food and beverages. Walk-in table rentals are $12 per table for 30 minutes; reservations are $39 per table for 1 hour.
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I meant to add that I have been to Pips & Bounce. It's a pleasant place to hang out and the staff is friendly. It was quite busy when I was there on a Saturday afternoon; I imagine it stays pretty popular.
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I'm game.
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I'm on board! And if anyone is looking at this posting thinking they're not good enough at ping-pong to attend, I for one will strongly lobby for a few rounds of Berlin-style ping-pong, which truly gets better the worse (and drunker) the players are!
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I used to walk past Pure Pong in the Pearl every day when I was in code school. It was always either ping-pong or full of people in formal wear which amused me to no end. I went past it recently and it was still full of ping-pong tables, but other than that I have no idea. I'm happy to investigate further though.
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I guess when they're in formal wear, it's "table tennis"...

If it's still open, it looks like it would be cheaper than P&B - the downside being that there's no mention of beer or snacks on the website.
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When I read 'formal wear' and 'ping-pong' I'm not sure if I should picture people in suits and ties, or people in Wimbledon-style tennis whites. Either way is humorous.
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I would like to ping-pong. I am a bad player, but I don't care.
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I peeked in the window of Pure Pong in the Pearl this evening - it was set up for a fancy party but no one was inside. There was no sign of anything resembling a bar. That, combined with the fact that there's no indication of food or drink on their site, leads me to believe that it's not the place we're looking for.

I like Pips & Bounce because I can get to it on public transportation so that's where I'd cast my vote.
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Thanks for checking!

So what say, folks, any suggestions for a date? It looks like other meetups are set for June 29 and July 9, so maybe July 16, 23, or 30? Afternoon or evening?
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Any Saturday evening is good for me.
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A Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon is probably best.
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Saturday evening it is. Does July 23 not work for anyone?
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I think we are camping that weekend.
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Okay then, how about July 16th or 30th?
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The 30th works! The 16th, not so much.
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One last go-'round ... any objections to the evening of July 30th?
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The 30th sounds great! "It's on my calendar now," she said, ominously.
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Confirmed! (he intoned irrevocably)
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I'll be there if I'm back from my suddenly necessary work trip. I hope I can be there -- I love ping-pong!
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bendy: "It's on my calendar now," she said, ominously.
Greg_Ace: Confirmed! (he intoned irrevocably)

I now feel the need for an overly dramatic, yet suspenseful film about the lives of ping pong players....
The Ping and the Pong

Wonder who would play the lead? Or would it be an ensemble cast?
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You'd need at least two leads...
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Ah, good point. One for Ping and one for Pong?
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One for Ping and one for Pong?
This sounds like a culturally insensitive Beckett play.
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Waiting For Gopingpong
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Tentacle of Trust: This sounds like a culturally insensitive Beckett play.

I actually have no idea what you're referring to.
The only Beckett I know grades collectibles such as baseball cards.
Maybe I should get out more?
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Maybe go see a play...

(but not on the night of this event!)
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The Beckett in this case is Samuel Beckett. I'm not sure that not understanding my barely-even-qualifies-as-a-joke reference on the internet suggests any kind of need to re-evaluate your life choices; sounds like you're doing just fine. Though it does look like I missed by almost a year the opportunity to suggest a Waiting for Godot IRL.
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You could create a new IRL event, where we all stand around yammering on about our anticipation of the eventual arrival of the next local production. We could discuss whether there is a practical limit to levels of irony.

Or we could just say screw it, let's just play some ping pong.
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Hi Portland! I am going to be in your city (visiting from Chicago) while you are ping-ponging. I have no idea how Portland works or where things are in relation to each other, but I think this is near-ish to where I'm staying, and I will try to come join you!
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Yay! It's a pretty easy town to get around in, if you have any trouble let us know.
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Looks like I've been lax on updating my meetup status. Cortex and I will be there!
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What she said!
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For Jessypie and others who may be trying to find us, we will look a lot like the people on the left and in the middle of this photo. But less in-your-face, that was all show for coldchef's benefit.
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Fun times!
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That was lots of fun! I even liked the Berlin-style playing even more than I thought I would. Thanks for coming, everyone.
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That was such a great meetup - so nice to meet the n00bs. You guys rock the casbah for joining us. I'm looking forward to the next meetup!
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Don't forget to post pics, y'all!
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Thanks for an awesome time. IRL A+, Greg.
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