4th Second Saturday Second City Stand-Up Sanity Check Committee Or 4thSSSCSSCC
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Sat February 18 at 11:00 AM, garlic's place
822 N Mozart St, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
(except that it's gonna be on the 3rd Saturday again maybe) Because of the holiday weekend and conflicting events, I'm suggesting we move this month's event to the Third Saturday. However, I'm open to other routes. NOTE: Please see the changed location and the fixed time; garlic has generously volunteered to host this month and I'm generously taking him up on that offer.
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bibliogrrl is getting publicly tattooed for science at the Field Museum on the 11th.
Cookie delivery is on the 18th.
So either way I'm likely out this month again.

However, I'd like to provisionally put myself on the calendar to host in April if that works for folks. I will (hopefully) be done with cookie business by then and it's been a very long time since I made donuts.
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I am fine with either date but it seems there are fewest conflicts on the 18th? We're (finally) skiing in March, so I'm out for then.
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I'm fine with either too.
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I'm fine with either but currently have nothing on my calendar for the 18th, so if we moved it back a week I could go to the Field Museum on the 11th.

I'll show up either way, though. Just the other day I was thinking that monthly really isn't enough for the level of sanity check-ins I need these days.
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jessypie: it really isn't.
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I can't do either date, unfortunately, but rock on.
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The shit is hitting the fan so fast it's hard to wipe fast enough.
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I have a huge flavour to ask of people better on the phone than me. I met an elderly woman who runs an immigrant services shop, while she was helping some people pack up some groceries and living supplies by the side of the road. I saw this sign on the car and started a conversation with her. I brought up the 3SS2XSSC(?) and she was very interested.

Her needs are simple and doable. I'm mobile at the moment and so can't check into these things very well. I offered money, and she says that will help. She mentioned starting something like a Gofundme but didn't know how to do it. She seems very capable, just retired and perhaps not very computer literate, which I also said I would help with. I also don't know if she even has a cell phone, much less text capability - it sounded like she may have only a landline at the office. A solid phone is another thing I can help with. She had an assistant named Jesus with her, but he also works and looked like he could use a hand too.

@garlic or anyone else kow how to do website stuff? I also offered to look for a way to get a simple and solid information page for her. Her card lists a site, but I can't check it. I have available webhosting space, and can register a domain for her if someone has the expertise to put it together. I have a friend I can ask who might be able to work with her on this, but a local would probably be better. I was thinking once we get a site and other things moving we can fix up the typo on the above car sign, and get any updated cards or physical brochures. I can help with money on all this.

I brought up the 3SS2XSSC(?) and she was very interested. After we help her I feel she would be a great resource both for work/volunteering with any events but also as a life or historical resource. She has been doing social work and then volunteering for a long time. Her mother was a reporter in WWII, and grandfather was an immigration lawyer who has a statue dedicated to him upstate.

I'm looking for anyone who can pitch in, and if you can call her to get more details on what she needs and info about the 18th I would appreciate it. I will try to get a text or voice text to her so she expects strange people from the internet to possibly call her. I gave her a very quick rundown of what Metafilter and meetups are, and she knows me as Scott. Thank you!
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I guess its not mmy phone, www.northsidelatinprogress.org seems to be dead. If the domain can be recaptured and transferred to my Dreamhost account, great, but registering a new one is easy too.
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Here's some more detail about them:

Facebook Page
Information on them at Resurrection Parish
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"If you have a lot (10 items or more) Gretchen will come and pick them up. You will see her darting about the neighborhood in her little white PT Cruiser with the parish name on the side. Give her a wave and smile - she's doing the Lord's work."

I am not religious but that description on the page is pretty much completely accurate.
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I'm starting my #IdesofTrump postcards this week. I bought a bunch of blank postcards which I will print with a sampling of hashtags like #Resist #RiseUp #NeverthelessShePersisted #ResistFromDay1 #NotMyPresident and then write in my wants from the government. My plan is write one a day until March 15 and put them in the mail. I can print extras and bring them on the 18th is anyone is interested.
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I have a pack of blank postcards (totally white on one side, with reverse formatted with the standard lines for address block, placement of stamp, etc.) which I can bring along in case anyone wants to design their own postcards at the meeting or take a few with them. I'll bring postcard stamps too.
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I am SO ready for this meeting.
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I also have a ton of post cards (onion and stain glass postcards) and I'll pick up some more post card stamps.
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In case folks don't notice the update up top , garlic has generously offered to host this month so the location has changed. See you on Saturday!
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Dang, I hardly have any excuses at all for somewhere that close.
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I'm a maybe (lots of obligations this weekend).
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I'm tentatively in and should know better later this week if I'm a firm yes. I agree that there has been so much going on recently, it's been a bit overwhelming and I have found these get togethers valuable as a reminder of my commitment to make change rather than just complain about how awful it all is.
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Know your rights cards in a variety of languages for this whole ICE raid bullshit.
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I would like advice on printing up may of the "know your rights" cards and pamphlets I've seen. For wallet size cards, I'd like laminated or hard cardstock. For pamphlets, I'd like a lot and would like to post them around. Also perhaps signs to put on my yard fence, or maybe folders filled with pamphlets.

If anyone has seen "know your rights" that are specific for people who are traveling, I'd like some of those. I can't remember if I've seen that.

CAIR Chicago has a page from before the EO that talks about travel and the FBI, but probably a page about travel post Trump would be good. The webpage content is not in the form of a pamphlet but I could get it printed out, likely.

One thing that would be cool is to be able to buy cards and things from these groups that make them, but lacking that, I'd like to go in on a bulk order if it makes sense. Does it?
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The ACLU sells a variety of "know your rights" pocket cards (and I also highly recommend their pocket constitutions) though it looks like they only sell them in English and Spanish. The "Stopped by Police, Immigration Agents, or FBI" one (English, Spanish) is probably the closest to what you're looking for.

I think it would be great for us to talk on Saturday about potential bulk orders we might want to go in on together. I know some of us have already been making bulk orders for different things ourselves and sharing them around but we could make more deliberate plans to buy things we'd all like to have handy.
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I like the idea of bulk orders. We could pick a union shop in Chicago, or maybe a group online that specializes in things like this. Someone pointed me to https://peacesupplies.org/ and maybe they would consider making some flyers and cards like this.

I'm disappointed that the ACLU doesn't have all the languages we need. But also, they have a lot of money right now. If possible I'd like to buy from some smaller group. I didn't see that any of the small groups were selling stuff like this. would like to be corrected.

Along with the "know your rights" materials, I'd like to make cards with hotlines. The United We Dream page above has one for their hotline (national?), but I'd also like to have cards for Chicago hotlines.

So far I've found

855-435-7693 Family Support Network and hotline

800-529-7374 / 800-LAW-REP4 First Defense Legal 24-hour hot line

I live in Albany Park, so I'd also like materials specific to people targeted by the Muslim ban.
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The Bill of Rights: Security Edition - one for $5+$3 shipping, five for $16+$0 shipping.

I am also looking into getting Nazi Punks Fuck Off patches made, with extras.
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If anyone else finds themselves getting here way too early, feel free to join me on the back porch at Dark Matter Coffee on Chicago, where there is an actual pig hanging out eating a sweet potato.
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I'm trying to remember that part of Chicago, is the big yellow and red cock sign visible?
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Omg we are early
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The name on the buzzer is D. Stanford for those who don't know.
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Still going strong. Getting ready to start writing postcards.
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Please acquire grease containment paraphernalia.
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Someone left there perscription sunglasses behind in a goggles4u case.
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Those are Ian's; thanks for turning our bus ride around by reporting this.
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Rude much???
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For the record, I meant "turning the spirit of our bus ride around as Ian had already thought he'd lost them for good" not literally turning the bus around.
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There is an open mosque day today. I forgot to mention it. doh.

Open Mosque Day at MCC
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also thanks everyone for coming, this time, and any of the others. Like jessypie said, I always feel better and motivated after these. Hopefully they're working for everyone else too.
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These are the pacing strategeries I mentioned to keep yourself from wearing down and losing motivation. They're focused on working around medical symptoms, but they're also good for normal task/life/government resistance pacing too!

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Here is the CSPAN clip where the conservative man calls in asking a great question and Heather McGhee gives a great answer.
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