Resist Trump Tuesday
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Tue January 24 at 11:30 AM, Senator Dianne Feinstein's office
McKesson Plaza, 1 Post St, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
"Stop the Swamp Cabinet" Rally-Sen. Feinstein's office, San Francisco
From organiser:
We want to remind you to bring a letter to Senator Feinstein that expresses your thoughts and feelings about her need to stand strong. We'll be delivering all of them tomorrow along with a petition. Also, we don't have a good photographer or a Facebook Live Stream recorder. We can wing it but help would be greatly appreciated. Take photographs and post them like mad to social media and send them to We've added more speakers, a singer and amazing puppets with cabinet nominees heads. Please bring friends.

From the organiser:
We're asking people to show up at 11:30 when we'll be getting organized then we'll formally start at noon and rally to 1. Bring a sign, music or whatever will add to the rally. Go to corporate for some ideas.

From Bella Donna:
In theory it won't be raining tomorrow. We'll be meeting outside. I have a cheap-ass bright pink IKEA umbrella I will have with me to signal fellow MeFites where I am because honestly, I have no idea where we should meet. So look for the pink umbrella for MF power. And thanks for signing up!

If you want to travel together on Bart, I'll be in the last car of the train that arrives at West Oakland at 11:30 am tomorrow. I have bright pink metal glasses and will be wearing a pink pussy hat. My com device is the usual East Bay prefix plus two then eight then two then six then one then two then zero, no kidding.

On Tuesday, January 24th, members of, People's Action and the Working Families Party are joining allies across the country to rally Democratic and Republican senators with a clear message: "Stop Trump's #SwampCabinet." At these rallies, part of the growing #ResistTrumpTuesdays movement, we will tell our senators and the media why Trump's cabinet is not what America wants or needs.

Register and get more event info at If you want to be part of a MeFite contingent at Feinstein's office, please let me know here, and I'll work out a place for us to meet.
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Oh, man, I'd really like to go to this, but I have to pick my kid up from school down on the Peninsula at 1:15, so I think the timing won't work for me.

I saw somewhere that there was a gathering earlier tomorrow at Kamala Harris's SF office about ACA repeal. If you happen to run across the info, can you memail me?
posted by purpleclover at 8:50 AM on January 23, 2017

Probably not feasible for me due to transit. Is this tied in with Refuse Fascism as well? They’re planning an eleven AM protest at Civic Center.
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I thought maybe I could, but I can't. I'll join you on some future Tuesday.
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It looks as though the Harris meeting has been pushed to a different day, purpleclover. Will memail you as well. If you are on Facebook, you can get updates on the SF Indivisible FB page. I tried to find info about the Harris event and it seems to have disappeared from the calendar. I've signed up for text alerts and will see if they are useful.

Hey Going To Maine, I don't believe the Feinstein event is connected to Refuse Fascism but that means nothing as I am a total newbie in this fight apart from Saturday's march.

Also, I am underemployed whereas many people have actual jobs, children, are caretakers, etc. So fight the fight wherever you might be if you can't make it out on a Tuesday. Got into a discussion with somebody drawing blood at a lab today. She asked if I had worked today, and I was all, nope, but the good thing about that is I have time to go fight the repeal of the ACA tomorrow. And she thanked me, which was pretty sweet.
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I have to work tomorrow but thanks for doing this, Bella Donna. I hope we can keep up a steady stream of these IRL events.
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Hello! Someone just pointed me to this event after I posted in the election thread about making a trip to her office tomorrow. I'd heard about the 11:30 event (didn't realize there was an IRL for it!) but couldn't get away from work that early, so I've organized a group of my coworkers and we'd planned to head down at 1...I didn't realize this one went until 1! So now I'm wondering if it will be awkward (or if they won't let us in) if we show up around 1:15...

Anyway, maybe I'll see you guys on the way out!
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I would be highly interested in why Feinstein's office is talking a big game in an email to the organizers about, quote, "her efforts to 'resist' the Trump agenda", when she is actively helping him by confirming his appointments.
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She's one of the co=sponsors of the bill to get him to release his taxes. Not saying she shouldn't be given some calls about Pompeo, but rather that she has some rights to her claims.
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Thank you for doing this (and thanks for the MeMail.)

Let us know how it goes?
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We're here! It's very crowded, but we're near the right column in front of the entrance to One Post.
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I posted in the election thread about how my visit went. Booooo! How was the rally?
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I posted my take in the thread as well. The rally was great, the response from Senator Feinstein's office was feeble.

I also posted about a second rally I went to today in support of Congresswoman Barbara Lee. It feels like we're nucleating a community. Too bad it took this awful president to get so many people (definitely including me!) to show up, but we're here now, and we're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore.
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