Birthday-ish Brooklyn Dim Sum 2017
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Sat February 4 at 11:00 AM, Pacificana
813 55th St, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
January is here, so, ferret branca and I want to have dim sum with mefites again, at delicious Pacificana in Brooklyn. The more the merrier (and the smaller the final tab, usually), who's in? (previously) (moved to February so as not to coincide with Chinese New Year's Day)
For anyone who's never been to Pacificana, wait time varies (20 minutes? an hour?) - we gather inside the lobby of the restaurant, give our name to the hostess once we have a confirmed number of people arrived or confirmed to be on their way and due shortly, then throw ourselves on the mercy of fate. The bill usually works out to somewhere around $20 per person.
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Maybe even less than $20! Plus blue and purple dessert buns! Plus great January mefite company! What's not to like! Exclamation points!
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Happy birthday! I can't make this but for anyone on the fence, Pacificana is the best. Well worth the $20ish
posted by TravellingCari at 12:20 PM on January 11

Ooooh!! I just moved here and would love to come! But, that's Chinese New Year - do you think it will be insanely crowded?
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It's true! That's Chinese New Year's Day. I would assume it will be hella busy, but I don't know the neighborhood well enough to be sure.

I'd love to go, but I have another engagement that won't let out until 11:30 in Manhattan. But happy birthday anyway!
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Oh no, maybe we should reschedule, oh yeah!? I'd be fine with whenever.

If so hope you can come, blnkfrnk!
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Oh no, maybe we should reschedule, oh yeah!? I'd be fine with whenever.

Yeah, I think we'd better. Doesn't seem like we can keep it in January, since 1/21 is probably going to be a rough day for people - either going to post-innauguration protests or staying home in despair - but I'm ok with it being a more belated February 4th, if you are.
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Ok, event revised!
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Ok, event revised!

Selfishly happy, I may be able to join on 2/4
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Ooh, Feb 4 might work out for me, and I'd love to meet some fellow Mefites! ^_^ Around what time are you thinking?
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Around what time are you thinking?

The goal is for everyone to be at Pacificana by 11am - and if you're running late or aren't sure how long you'll get stuck in a transit dead-zone to post an "on my way" comment to the thread so we have the head count to give to the hostess to put us on the list to be seated. As far as when we actually start eating, that's in the lap of the gods. Could take anywhere from 30-60 minutes of waiting judging by previous years, just depends on how crowded the restaurant is that morning.
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Ah, well! I'm working the 4th. But please take pictures!
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Anyone know how tricky this is for a vegetarian? Assume I'm not going to worry about the fact that there may be animal products involved in the preparation that we don't know about.
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Anyone know how tricky this is for a vegetarian? Assume I'm not going to worry about the fact that there may be animal products involved in the preparation that we don't know about.

Since you're OK with knowing there will be some in prep you can't avoid, you'll be fine. Meats and other similar animal products are easy to identify and avoid. I've always seen enough veg products making rounds to have it be worth whatever share is.
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There are definitely more meat options than vegetarian, so it may be a longer wait between rolly-carts, but they're there - congee rice pudding, taro cakes, dumplings/buns with bean paste, vegetable shu mai, greens (pea shoot or baby bok choy or something) sautéed in garlic, the sesame dessert buns, etc.
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Hi hoyland! I can't specifically remember too much in the way of vegetarian options so I think it might not be great. Others might have a better memory though. I know they have greens, which are tasty, and I believe some dumplings and of course dessert but I think a lot of the items have meat. They do have a non-dim sum menu with veggie options but I know that might take away the fun.

(I LOVE Buddha Bodai for all-vegetarian dim sum, as I always tell Mefi. I would have a meetup there sometime if there's interest. It's not a dim sum *experience* like Pacificana though; you order from menus not carts and it's not huge.)
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(D'oh, not sure how I missed the earlier, more helpful comments.)
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I'm moving in to my new apartment on the 1st so I think I'm getting furniture delivered (hopefully?) the 4th. But I'll update sooner to the date if I can come - sounds like fun!
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I'm really more of a lurker but have been wanting to meet all of you. I'm on call that Saturday but if I end up not working, could I get in touch with someone the night before? :)
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could I get in touch with someone the night before? :)

Absolutely! And if you're not sure until that morning it's fine too, that's when we need to get the head count truly confirmed (the max # of people who can fit at one table at Pacificana is around 10, and with small groups the restaurant may seat two different groups at the same table, so there might not be room for someone arriving late & unexpected if we only end up with 5-ish mefites. Also the bill can creep up if we don't all start eating at once, since late-starters may cause the early-goers to get a second wind).
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Having been to Pacificana a few times, I just want to recommend that everyone get there by 11:00, and before if possible. The place fills up and they might make us wait if we don't have our full complement.
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I'm new in town. Looking forward to Dim Sum! See you there
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Oh this looks awesome, though I am a little afraid of the gluten situation, food-wise. Lemme see if I can figure something out.
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Couldn't make it after all. :( I hope I could make it to the next one.
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Ok, so, the headcount as of tonight:

*In-thread and/or checkbox Yes = 5: me, ferret branca (+1), The Pluto Gangsta, vert canard
*In-thread comment maybe = 4: umwhat, skyfarer, hoyland, TravellingCari
*Checkbox-only maybe = 10: andoatnp, SpaceWarp13 (+1), 1970s Antihero, SansPoint, Wretch729, Hactar, unknowncommand, thegreatfleecircus, Mavri
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I don't think I'll be able to make it. Happy birthdays!
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Bah, the furniture guys could only come at noon tomorrow, and I can't handle another day of sleeping on an air mattress. I'm bummed I'm going to miss it! Hope to meet some NYC mefites soon! Happy belated to you both!
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Sorry to everyone who can't make it this time!

I'm gassing up my car now, will be back on the road shortly, will update the thread when I make it to the lobby.
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I hit far less traffic than I expected, made it here already. Plenty of empty tables inside, and nobody waiting in the lobby yet, fingers crossed it stays that way until 11.
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I'm a no. Spending my socialising resources for the day on a demo later.
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I'm on my way. Will probably be about 15 minutes late.
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Pluto Gangsta, we went ahead and got seated, we're all the way in the back
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I'm embarrassed, but I took meds last night and I just woke up this moment. Looks like I have to cancel.
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Sorry you couldn't make it, Pluto.

For reference in guesstimating the tab in future dim sum excursions - the bill came to only $63 plus tip, working out to $15 each between the five of us.
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