Third Second Saturday Second City Stand-Up Sanity Check Committee Or 3rdSSSCSSCC*
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Sat January 14 at 11:00 AM, Private Meeting Space
800 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
House MCNamara is still out of commission--we'll be meeting at the crush family compound. Contact me (email in profile or via MeMail) or MCMikeNamara for actual address.
Rough location is Chicago Avenue at Halsted. Street parking is unmetered and not zoned, but I can't say how much will be available. The Milwaukee blue line stop or Chicago brown line stop are the nearest L stops; both the Chicago Avenue and Halsted buses are super convenient. Unfortunately, there's no bike room (I don't know what the street rack situation is).

There's been a request to make posters at this meeting; please bring supplies for that if you have them to contribute, but there will be some supplies at the condo. (I think the nearest drugstore is across from the Milwaukee L exit. So is Big Shoulders coffee, so you're welcome!) Expect some planning for the 1/20 rally and the 1/21 Women's March. If you're knitting hats, bring them!

I'll have drinks (coffee, tea, booze), so please bring foodstuffs. Thanks, Mike, for keeping this going.
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posted by Evilspork at 2:16 AM on January 9, 2017

Hey all, I plan to go. There's also a Tech Solidarity meeting on Thursday this week (before the S3CS2C2 meeting) and I pasted details in to the trello board.
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I am really looking forward to this. I've just checked my calendar and I am super-over-extended until the end of January.

Let me know if there are any requests.
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Thanks for the info bleary! I rsvped!

I also posted info on the Trello about an ACLU of Illinois "telephone town hall" on reproductive rights on February 1.
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I was on the the OFA call-in webinar last night (it was discussing the January 15th day of action to save the ACA/Obamacare). The action guides are pretty useful (although if you've done any media training with an advocacy organization or campaign, they'll also be pretty familiar), I'll share them on the Trello board, but for now, they're on my Google drive.

There's plans for a weekend of action on the 28th.
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As of last night, the door buzzer was doing that thing where it only rings my brother in law's cell phone. He will let you in, if you tell him you're there for the meeting, but it's probably best to call MCMikeNamara's cell (in his profile) or mine (I'll memail it to you) to be let in!

I'll try to get it sorted out this afternoon, though.
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I'm still deciding on what food to bring. If I brought something that needed to be reheated in an oven, would that be possible to do at the condo?
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Yes! It's a full kitchen with a fridge full of abandoned Bud Lite.
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I've invited some non-mefites other than Denail along too.
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If my car is working tomorrow I can bring paint, markers, and some poster paper to this.
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Ok just kidding I will not be coming. I was doing fine all week long and just now slipped and fell hard on the ice A MERE BLOCK away from my apartment. I'm fine (probably) don't worry, but I'm watching my knee swell in real time and my back is all jammed up and I can tell I'm done for a while.

Good news though, while searching in the back of my freezer for an ice pack for the knee I found a bag of frozen veggies that was part of that listeria recall last year, so now I'm killing two birds with one stone.
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Oh no. phunnie, I hope you're all right (and, maybe, see a doctor while we still have some semblance of a working insurance system).
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Oh no, please no more slipping on the ice for at least the rest of this winter, phunniemee!

I'm bringing a baked french toast thing that baked up a little weird in the disposable pan I used so hopefully it still tastes okay. I did not have a chance to track down any poster-making supplies but I'll at least try to scare up some markers. If anyone is able to bring extra poster paper I would really appreciate it.
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I'm bringing mini fruitcakes and gonna pick up poster board on the way.
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I am coming and will bring my awesome superfat "colossal tip" marker which is great for sign making. I do have one rainbow posterboard that has not yet been written on. I may be able to stop at Target and pick up some posterboard but it depends entirely on my ability to move quickly this morning, which is doubtful.

I'll definitely stop and pick up something food-like from Mariano's on the way.
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Maybe I'll grab some OJ and we can turn that shitty Bud Light into beermosas?
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Anyone I have not heard from who's still coming--MCMikeNamara's cell number is in his profile. Actual address is in the Trello. See you later today.
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I have lots of poster board too which I probably should have said earlier.
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Also, phunniemee, if you need to talk about swelling knee injury, Andy is here for it.
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We'll be about fifteen minutes late but we'll be bringing gas station chicken.
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I have donuts, croissants, crackers, baby carrots, hummus, veggie dip, and OJ. Will not stop and get poster board based on Mike's update but the division target is not far from the condo should we need more.
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So Superior is blocked for construction. It was not blocked yesterday. If you are driving you should turn on to Green Street off of Chicago-there is still street parking but not as much.
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I'm sorry I didn't make it. I had trouble sleeping the night before, so that day was nope nope nope not going out.

Did any of you make the tech solidarity event? I went. I didn't mingle a great deal but I met people.
posted by bleary at 9:52 AM on January 17, 2017

a friend who joined us Saturday, but isn't on metafilter made it out to the tech solidarity event. She said it went well. I'm looking forward to the minutes.
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