Second Second Saturday Second City Stand-Up Sanity Check Committee Or 2ndSSSCSSCC*
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Sat December 10 at 11:00 AM, bibliogrrl and banaik's place
5737 N Washtenaw Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
So Second Saturday is upon us sooner than I realized. And we're still getting together and chatting about our activism plans again like we did last month. However, there's a slight change in plans...
So Thanksgiving weekend we had a leak of unknown origin coming up from our kitchen floor. That has led to our floor being torn up and it and our cabinetry all need to be replaced. Allegedly, that's happening this week and will be done by Friday. I do not believe this but even if it is done, the rest of the apartment has also been turned upside down enough that hosting probably won't be possible.

So bibliogrrl and banaik have graciously volunteered to host this month. And we're asking people to make a potluck of it food-wise. (Feel free to use the thread or the trello boards to start organizing that.)

Also if you've got any agenda items/things you definitely want to discuss, post 'em here or reach out to me or put them on Trello.

All are welcome and I look forward to seeing you.

P.S. If you haven't signed up for the trello board, use this link.
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I'm organizing a GS pin swap party that day so am out for this one :(
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I just signed up for the trello board. I forgot to check in on the old thread. I will try to make it this time.

btw, there is a meeting tonight, Monday Dec 5, at 6pm. I RSVPd but they told me they aren't strict about RSVPs.

Where Do We Go From Here? The Trump Presidency and Our Civil Liberties
Join the ACLU of Illinois for a discussion on potential impacts and how to take action with State Representatives Ann Williams, Kelly Cassidy and Sara Feigenholz.

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There will be a number of us at the Center on Halsted for that meeting tonight. Maybe drinks or something after?

See you all Saturday.
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Point of order, so is this the ACTUAL Chicago Cabal now?
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(and we certainly don't have a fancy lapel pin)
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(seriously, why don't we have a lapel pin?)
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Chicago Cabal
"Calendars Are Hard"

is an awful lot of stuff to fit on a lapel pin
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I'm having a hard time understanding how Trello works. I did join, but the interface is unlike anything i've used before.
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whoops, I did not check back here before last night's event and missed the reply about it. Also, for some reason I thought it started at 6:30 and not 6. Woa there were so many more people than I expected. I feel heartened.
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Trello is just a way of organizing information.

In hierarchical order, it is structured like this:
Team > Boards > Lists > Cards

On a card you can add attachments, links, due dates, comments, checklists, etc. You can drag and drop cards from one list to another, if you want. (For work I use the drag and drop to move items from a "to do" list to a "completed" list, for example.)

We're not really using it for conversation, just as a place to dump action items and other resources.

Do NOT feel pressured to use the Trello if it's confusing or causing more stress. You don't have to use it to participate in this group, I just found it easier than being in a dozen Facebook groups/events or all those google docs written by other not-us people flying around.

Trello has a lot of tutorials and stuff on their website, but they tend to be pretty business workflow focused. Let me know if there are any specific questions and I'm happy to help.
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We are apparently bringing Macaroni and Cheese Pie and will probably bring other stuff to eat.

I'm going to put together a (probably very slight) agenda for tomorrow, though was still planning on going around the circle like we did last time. If anybody has anything specific they want to bring up/do, reach out to me either in thread or over messaging.

See you tomorrow.
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Hey everybody - somebody (tzikeh, who cannot access MetaFilter right now) is looking for a ride at Lawrence/Clarendon tomorrow. Is anyone driving tomorrow who is going near there on their way?
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I can pick her up. I will memail my number, please text her address if you can, otherwise memail back is fine.

Do we require Popeye's?
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Is it okay to attend if I haven't cooked anything? I don't know if I can before 11 today.
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We don't need popeye's, we will have a rotisserie chicken!
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I somehow totally missed that there was an event set up here for this! I was planning on going anyway but apologize for not RSVPing earlier. I'm coming with a friend who was telling me earlier this week how much she needed a sanity check-in type of event. I'm bringing some things to drink and probably some sort of chips and dip or whatever I end up grabbing when I swing by the grocery store in a moment. See you all soon!
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Okay y'all. I haven't cooked anything but I got a bunch of flatbread things with different ingredients in them from Dukan International Food Market.
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tzikeh has reacquired Metafilter access (*cheers*) and contacted me to say she cannot attend, and now my neighbor is begging a ride going the opposite direction, and by the time I would get him back would make me extremely late, plus the incoming storm (looks to be coming in around 5-6PM, keep an eye on this one, kids), equals math is hard but approximating I can't go this time so have fun, everyone!
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Oh, plus a suggestion of a discussion topic: this CIA investigation into Russian involvement in the voting irregularities is getting hairy fast. Lindsay Graham from the not-completely-bonkers Republican splinter group has offered to head it, which gives it actual clout among non-bonkers electors in the Electoral College. This is a situation the Founding Fathers actually intended the Electoral College to help avoid, so this is completely Constitutional and objectionable only by assholes. Of which there are a few.

I would look into three things:
- how to lobby the tRump electors who are already on the fence about voting for Clinton
- how to crowdfund repayment of any monetary fines these electors may face ( "Twenty-nine states plus the District of Columbia have laws to penalize faithless electors, although these have never been enforced." )
- how to mitigate rebellion (vocal and physical) if Clinton were to win in this manner

The Electoral College votes in nine days (19 December, "the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December" ) so there's time to make this work, but not much.

Good luck!
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So, hi. I quite literally just woke up. I had planned to be there but now I'm a little less sure.
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Team McNamara is running late but will be there in 20 minutes or so.
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On our way stuck in traffic!
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If I don't show up--I wanted to ask the group if I should sign us up for an OFA consult for our next-ish meeting.
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The part of me that lies to myself thought I might head up north to join you guys after my scout thing was over, but I'm pooped and inexplicably sticky in several different locations and am done. I see pictures on facebook so I trust things are going well in my absence :)
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Metafilter: Inexplicably Sticky In Several Different Locations
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Hey guys, this info on Amazon reminded me of our discussion today: "184,000 people in Chicago have chosen to support charity at" 184,000 seems like a low number to me! I'm going to nag my friends and family to use Amazon Smile.

And yes, I'm doing all my Christmas shopping through it!
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I watched 13th last night. It really goes into details about mass incarceration, and race. Very worth watching.
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Hi everyone, Carl wants to know if people are interested in giving 5 minute talks this Tuesday night at the 300 Seconds of Fame meeting. He wasn't planning on showing up with gear this week, but will if people would like to give talks on the things we talked about yesterday.
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