Pequod's for Pizza
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Sun August 21 at 3:00 PM, Pequod's
2207 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Time change! Meet at 3 PM! Pizza at Pequod's at 2 PM, August 21.
I've got to get to the Lincoln Park Zoo by mid-evening or so. I'm staying fairly close to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I'm good at public transportation and happy to eat practically anything (though I'd like to stay from Fancier American Food).

What do you guys want to do and where?

I'll be in town from August 14-27, so if the 21st doesn't work well, let me know and I can try to figure out another day!
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THIS IS EXCELLENT. I'm free. So is baniak.
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The 21st should work for me! I have plans on the 14th and 22nd but otherwise am pretty free during the whole time you're here.

Do you have a preference on what kind of drinks (beer, wine, cocktails)? Any kinds of food that you would be particularly interested in? Would it be easier if we went someplace near the MCA, or near the zoo, or do you have enough flexibility in your day that it doesn't matter where we end up?
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Have people still been talking about an AntiCheeseUp? The timing would fit with that.
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I'd prefer grabbing beer over cocktails or wine; I'm down to eat anything but if there's something (other than weird pizza stew) that is particularly good in Chicago, that'd be fun. I know I've eaten delicious food in an Indian neighborhood in the area, I've eaten delicious breakfast food, and I've been to some good bars.

My day is flexible - as long as we're somewhere accessible by public transportation, I'm happy!

I should also say that I am generally pro cheese.
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But but but my weird pizza stew is FAMOUS, FAMOUS I tell you!
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you know how scandinavians get defensive about how delicious their pickled fish are, but they actually only rarely eat them? That's Chicagoans and our delicious pizza stew.
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I'm out of town on the 21st, but this has me thinking that if the weather backs off any time soon, we might need a nice Pequod's meetup.
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Ok! How do you feel about good, not super expensive Indian, Ethiopian, or tacos, a reasonable distance from a low key bar or brewery, in turn a reasonable distance from the El?
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Although actually a casual pizza pub sounds awesome, even if it is stewish. Could we go to Pequods?
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Definitely not stewish. It's crispy! Famously deliciously crispy!
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Cool. How does 2 PM at Pequod's sound to people?
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I mean, that's fine.
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Evilspork, you are arousing my suspicions.
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It's what I'm good at.
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2pm at Pequod's is great.
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I went out of town right after my last comment and didn't follow up earlier, but 2pm at Pequod's works for me too!
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Awesome! I'll call next week to reserve a table!
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Aww heck. Been meaning to put my toe into pool, so to speak, with the MeFi IRL folks in Chicago, and Pequod's is the way to pull me in without reservation.

...uh, speaking of 'without reservation', Pequod's doesn't take 'em. But I reckon if you give the heads up "group of ~dozen, planning for 2pm, Sunday 21 August" they'll work to accommodate a large group as best as possible.

Speaking from experience, though, that ~15 minutes of having indulgent pizza on the mind and being forced outside to wait, grabbing only intermittent smells of pizza when people come in or out is the ultimate tease. Still well worth it, though!

I'm in, 21 Aug Pequods.
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Sorry - by reservation, I meant "Priority Seating Request." Looking forwards to seeing you all!
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Does that mean no catsup?
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Yes, I forgot to mention that for the last Peqod's I did a nonreservation for X time and ordered two pizzas for X time, and they were ready at X time + 1 hour, which is still earlier than the other stuff we ordered at X time.
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I can vouch for qcubed's pizza.
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I've read Chicago pizza described as pizza flavored quiche.
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Definitely not that eggy. I'd have noticed by now.
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This was in the book Emma Who Saved My Life
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Is anyone going to X on the 19th?
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Awww man, I won't be able to make it. Haircolor appt with my hard-to-schedule stylist on Sunday, plus it's a wrestling PPV night. :( Have fun eating Pequod's and DEFINITELY get the giardinera + italian beef combo.
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Well, I'll give them a call tomorrow, and ask to reserve a table for 10 (which, I'm sure, can fluctuate up or down as necessary) and ask to have an Italian Beef and Gardiniera pizza and ... should I request another pizza?
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IIRC we ordered 2 for 10 people when I called a meetup there a few years ago. Maybe something for the purists? I'm ok with anything except peppers and anchovies ( and would have been willing to try regular giardiniera).
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I am so freaking excited. I can't wait to eat the eyetalian beef + giardinera pizza again.
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Well, I was going to follow Evilspork's (perhaps nefarious?) recommendation of making a not-reservation and requesting a pizza for the time of our not-reservation. Or is that not necessary?
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I've read Chicago pizza described as pizza flavored quiche.

don't even
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Hey guys, would you mind pushing back our meeting to 3:00? We're not able to drop off our bags at the air bnb until 2:30.

The not-reservation is for Erin.
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Well, I was going to follow Evilspork's (perhaps nefarious?) recommendation...

don't even

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I can't make Pequod's but do post if y'all head somewhere else after!
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On account of the non-muggy weather for the first time in, what? 3, 4 weeks? And the impending WHOOOOOOSH of jets outside our house all day, Mrs. Johnson and I are making an impulsive decision to get out of town on a day trip. No pizza for me.

As consolation, might cut some whale-shaped cheese for our salads tonite for dinner, though.
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I can't make Pequod's but do post if y'all head somewhere else after!

I have to be somewhere else at 8 so I would be delighted if we kept going for a while so I don't go home in between and lose all my momentum.

I don't have a good handle on decent bars to hang out in east of Pequod's (on the route toward the Zoo) other than Local Option, which I like except it always has the music up too loud. But it's only a mile from Pequod's to the Map Room and then only a few more blocks from there to Margie's if we decide to set off in the complete opposite direction of the Zoo instead...

(Or to be totally self-serving, if anyone wants to hang out at the Long Room or someplace else near the Irving Park brown line stop later in the afternoon/evening, that's the neighborhood I need to end up in later on.)
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Well if anyone wants to watch me go to Petco and buy litter after, that is an option.
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If anyone is early, me and baniak are sitting in the park behind the restaurant.
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We are here and checked in and they said about 20 min.
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I'll be a bit late! On my way!
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I'm running a bit late too.
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We are in the window.
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Thanks for checking us in, Bibliogrrl!

Sorry, our air bnb guy is a very friendly and talkative older Jewish man who walked us step by step through the details of the wireless and air conditioning and TV setup. On my way now.
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Oh, in case anyone was wondering, this is how my drive home went:

1) Need to go to the pet store, heading to the petstore, better check the map to make sure I'm actually going to the right place.
2) Damn, closed at 6.
3) OK, fine, I'll go another day. Maybe I'll make up for my botched errand by stopping at Sally's and buying myself more nail polish that I don't need.
4) Sally's also closed at 6.
5) Go into the grocery store next door and buy a pint of ben and jerry's.
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FWIW Treasure Island carries Green River soda.
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