Killer Queen part 2
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Those of you who came out to play Killer Queen a few months ago know that this is a seriously addictive game. So let's do it again!

It turns out there are two locations in Chicago where we can play. We could go back to Logan Arcade or go up to Cary's Lounge near Roger's Park. I'm fine with Logan Arcade but thought I would leave it up to a vote in case some of you are coming from the far north side.


I'm going to throw out the arbitrarily chosen Saturday, June 4th or Saturday, June 11th. Do either of those work for you? I figure Saturday evening is probably best but I'm open to suggestions.
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I'd like to actually come this time and June 4 is Shedd day with the scouts. If it's the next weekend, I'm in.
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Lots of the usual suspects have tickets to the Cure on June 11th. In any event, Saturdays are--generally speaking--not better for me but since I missed it last time, I'd be interested.
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Which is a bit ambiguous, I realize, either of those June dates are currently good for me (my tickets for the Cure are on Friday), but that will likely change as Saturdays tend to be difficult to schedule things for me.
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No go on either of those days for me, sadly.
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My sister's wedding and seeing the Cure for the first time are among the few things that would keep me from Killer Queen again, but one or the other are happening on the suggested dates. But I'm in for any future dates.
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I have no idea what this is but I live in Logan Square and am intrigued. I'll go if it's there and drag along the wife. Unless we are at the Cure show. How's that for definitive?
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For the uninitiated, see the first IRL post.
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june 4th is in the past.

june 11th is still in the future.
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Not anymore
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