Memorial Day Weekend in NYC
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Sun May 29 at 9:00 PM, Fawkner
191 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Original text moved below fold. Taking ferret branca's suggestion and nailing down the date/place. Hope to meet you all, and maybe I'll bring Gillian with me. If you're thinking "OMG, 9 pm on a Sunday?!" remember that Monday is Memorial Day and most of you won't be working.
Hey, I'm going to be in NYC from Saturday May 28 - Tuesday May 31. Let's do drinks, or dinner, or whatever. I have plans in Brooklyn Sunday evening, but after 8 should be fine, unless Gillian Anderson accepts my marriage proposal. (P.S. I used to be desjardins.)

I'm staying on Madison Ave and 28th which is close to the N, Q, R, 4 and 5 so that gives a lot of options for location.
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28th & Madison is close to Soju Haus on 32nd & 5th, and all the other Korean BBQ places along 32nd - though I don't know how crowded they get on a Saturday night or if the holiday weekend will make it less or more so. But most NYC meet-up-going mefites are living in Brooklyn these days, so, you'll probably get more people if you pick someplace in DUMBO.
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Streetcar is fabulous. You'll love it, and her.
I'm around & happy to join.
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But most NYC meet-up-going mefites are living in Brooklyn these days, so, you'll probably get more people if you pick someplace in DUMBO.

I'm cool with that, what about drinks and/or dinner on Sunday after the play (which starts at 5, so it won't be too late)? Again, this is contingent on Gillian Anderson not falling madly in love with me at first sight (I have a front row seat).

No need to commit to anything now, just a suggestion.
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Most NYC meetup-goers are Brooklynites because whenever someone suggests a meetup, a Brooklynite insists on meeting in Brooklyn. ;)

That said, I'd love to attend, and I'd even schlep all the way to Brooklyn to do it!
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It's not like you only have one chance to meet me, I'll be there for an entire weekend, so if Brooklyn isn't convenient for some of y'all I'm totes cool having another meetup or one-on-one on another day/time! I'm not an introvert, I just play one on metafilter.
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As a Brooklynite who's currently having some mobility issues, DUMBO is not actually all that convenient for me! I would be happiest to meet up somewhere in Brooklyn that's more centrally located, or in downtown Manhattan. I'm partial to meeting up around Atlantic Avenue, which is near most Brooklyn-bound trains. We've had many a happy meetup at the Fourth Avenue Pub, for instance, though I know some Mefites are tired of it. I am happy to provide other venue suggestions if you like.
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You're welcome to join us up in Yonkers for a picnic on the 28th.
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I will be in Canada the entire time sadly!
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Can someone just pick something around 9 pm in Brooklyn on Sunday? Preferably someplace that has at least some food and a full bar. I also prefer not to sit outside. The runtime of the play is 3 hrs 15 minutes, which puts me at 8:15, and I'd think 45 minutes is enough time to get anywhere in Brooklyn (???).

If 9 pm is too late, or Brooklyn is nixed, anywhere on Monday is 100% fine. Let's just nail something down because it's ~17 days away and people need to plan their lives. Sorry about your picnic, sciencegeek, but that's a lot of time getting to/from and I want to see more of the city.
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We had a good meetup at Fawkner a few months back, if that sounds good to people? It's is pretty convenient to DUMBO and also downtown Brooklyn. That's the best I can think of at the moment for both food and bar and open late enough.
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okay so i just got home from a flight i had to get up at 5 AM for

i fully intend to make it to this but theres a nonzero chance i will just pass out before that can happen
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FYI in case you don't follow me on Twitter, I'll be wearing a plaid shirt and purple tie and jeans.
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So sorry, I'm not going to be able to make it out tonight; was hoping to get a second wind by now but I'm still wiped out from yesterday.
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on my way
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Yay! Waiting for an uber now
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Traffic ahoy! Be there soon
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Just here now. Yippee! There's an event in back burl it's room up front.
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Sorry I could not make it after suggesting the venue! Hope it's fun!
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that was fun as hell and I want arm wrestling at all meetups now
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There will be a rematch.
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