Mefites Eat Barbeque and Watch Bernie Williams' Band!
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Sat June 11 at 2:00 PM, the pedestrian plaza next to the Flatiron Building opposite Madison Square Park
Madison Square Park, Madison Ave, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Barbeque, Bernie Williams, and metafilter: let's meet at the pedestrian plaza next to the Flatiron Building opposite Madison Square Park at 2PM, and then head to the Big Apple Barbecue Festival. I'm not able to make it to this anymore, but if anyone ends up going, have fun!
Bernie's band goes on at 4; we can head elsewhere afterwards if people are up for it!
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Do you like BBQ? Looks like June 11-12th is this year's Big Apple Barbecue Block Party (the website appears to be under construction, as the 'About' page is full of lorem ipsum, but a bunch of us stopped at last year's festival during the 'walk the length of Broadway' meetup, and it was pretty good). Maybe for before or after a museum visit or walking the High Line or something?
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As luck would have it, we're going to be in NYC (Manhattan) from June 2 to 9! We see Hamilton on the 7th, and we see Shuffle Along on the 4th - we're definitely free on the 8th with nothing concrete planned as yet.

We're still planning what else we're going to do - these things involve a combination of walking, parks, museums, food and drink. I was thinking of posting a meetup invite for us as well.

Definitely on the list is the Tenement Museum, and we're likely going to do MoMa (been before, would definitely go again) at some point. Will be arranging a touch tour for that so Mr. Conspiracy can feel up some modern art.
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Hope you enjoy your time in NYC, ChuraChura! I wish I could go to the zoo with you but I will probably be at work that day. I would recommend checking out the NY Botanic Garden while you're up there, if you have time; it's pretty awesome.

I would most likely be up for a meetup during the evening or on a weekend day, but sadly I'm limited to something pretty stationary since I'm having knee issues. Don't feel the need to plan around me, though. I would put in a tiny plug for a stop at Coney Island Brewery, since you mentioned Coney Island. Went last year and it was very nice (and near my train line...).
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Oh, that looks awesome, ferret branca. My uncle is a lifeguard on Coney Island and I'd love to meet up there.
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Seconding oh yeah!'s Big Apple BBQ recommendation. That was fun. (and *waves*)
Mandolin, good timing on seeing Shuffle before Audra leaves for a few months.
I'm up for Coney and second the Zoo recommendation.
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OK, well, my uncle going to a music festival that weekend and won't be lifeguarding. So, unless there is mass interest in heading to Coney Island, I have no particular ties there.

Is there a preferred meetup borough?
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I prefer Brooklyn but I know there is often some pushback from those not fortunate enough to live in our hipsteriest of boroughs. :)
Are there any particular types of food and/or drink you're in the market for? (I saw you mentioned bagels; it's a bit of a trek for you but Terrace Bagels is super tasty and really near Prospect Park, plus it's just down the block from one of my favorite drinking establishments, The Double Windsor.)
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Well, I dropped the ball on this, and probably won't make it out to Brooklyn, alas. BUT if anyone's around Manhattan and wants to grab a drink next week, shout at me here or on twitter or something!
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How about the Big Apple BBQ on the 11th then? With maybe a fallback position to a Flatiron/Chelsea bar should the park be too crowded or hot?
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Sounds good - and !!! Bernie Williams' band is playing??? Does meeting around 3:30 work?
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(the only way will be closer to what 13-year-old me imagines as a perfect weekend is if Scott Brosius and Audra McDonald show up!)
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I'm not shelling out for the Fast Pass or VIP tickets, I'm just going to take my chances on finding a line with a not-insane wait time, since that worked fine last time. So, if the Bernie Williams Band goes on at 4:00, and the BBQ runs from 11am-6pm, I think we might want to aim for earlier than 3:30 to be sure of finding food in time before the band goes on, in case the vendors start to run out of food towards the end of the day/lines get long/people have train delays. Maybe 2pm? And we should pick a rendezvous point outside of the park - the pedestrian plaza next to the Flatiron Building opposite the park will probably be pretty crowded, but feasible.
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Sounds good to me! I'll go ahead and call it - thanks for the idea!
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Hey, folks, how's it looking for tomorrow? Forecast says rain, but looks like it will be of the sudden thunderstorm variety in the late afternoon/early evening rather than an all-day thing. Might interfere with the live music, but I assume the food won't be affected.
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I'll pass, since there's a chance of hail. Sorry.
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Oof, I woke up with a bad headache, probably barometric pressure triggered which means it won't lift until the weather breaks. I guess it's back to maybe/no for me too.
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If Sunday turns out okay, maybe we could catch David Ryan Harris' set.
1 day of BBQ out of 2 is better than none...
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Sorry for the meetup-fail, Chura Chura, you're going home on Sunday, I think? I hope you had a good visit otherwise.
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I had a great trip; sad to miss everyone, but if you're ever in Ohio for some reason, say hi!
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