Pass the crumpets please
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Tea and sandwiches anyone?
Fellow Chicago Mefites, I will be returning to my favorite city for a lovely weekend full of Tea and Bacon. Tea Time is from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Also, any fun suggestions for things to do afterwards are welcome.
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It's TEY ah TAH may!
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Darn I'd love to join you but I'm in Tulsa for reasons that pass understanding. I ttly approve of a tea-focused meetup.
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Tea! No promises but sounds fun. While you all are feasting on bacon though, I'll be seeing Kathy Mattea in concert at the Old Town School of Folk Art.

Do I need to buy tea tickets ahead of time or make a reservation?
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That's a great question, I'll call and find out
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I was told a reservation would be helpful for 6 or more people
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Bah. I wanted to come and then realize I have an appointment that conflicts. (and if you are the drinking sort, the vodka flights at Russian Tea Time are FANTASTIC. The coriander vodka is wonderful).
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Shoot. Forgot I have a baby shower in the early afternoon.
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