MIT Mystery Hunt Recovery Brunch
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Mon January 18 at 12:00 PM, Cambridge Brewing Compnay
1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Five years ago we had a celebratory/commiseration brunch to celebrate the end of the MIT Mystery Hunt on MLK Monday. I had fun meeting a bunch of MeFites, and I'd like to do it again now that I'm coming back on-site! Who's available, who are you representing, what are the good eateries for a brunch/lunch around MIT, and what do you have in the Coin Pool? (I claim 40 hours)
We've settled on the Cambridge Brewing Company, just off of MIT proper.
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It'll depend on timing, but I'm definitely interested.
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Last time we reserved for Noon on Monday at the CBC, and it was a touch of a walk but worked out well. Do we have any other recommendations? Dim sum?
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My co-conspirator and I are just about willing to show our faces in public again after the Sages Hunt-length debacle, so we're probably up for this! I liked CBC last time (time before last?)
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Dorque! Ok, let's claim the CBC on Monday at Noon, and we can adjust the particulars as it gets closer.
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Sooo it sounds like wrap-up will be at noon on Monday. Would you rather do this before or after that? I'm happy to host either way, vote by 6PM Sunday.
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No responses, but also the schedule for the hunt is munged, so I'm going to wait for an announcement before saying when we're going to try to book the table.
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I've been feeling not-great and hunting from the couch, so I may have to bow out, sadly. (Also, waaaaaaaaaait, Setec, really?)
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Please take the time to get better. We'll soldier on without you!
Wrap-up is confirmed for 12:00. We can do a 10:00 brunch at The Friendly Toast, across the way from CBC, or go to CBC sometime after the wrap-up, say between 2 and 5. If I don't hear a positive response by midnight tonight, then I won't plan for anything.
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