MIT Mystery Post-Hunt Meetup
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Mon January 16 at 12:00 PM, Cambridge Brewing Company
1A Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
I know there's plenty of MeFites that will be in Cambridge on January 13-15 for this year's MIT Mystery Hunt. How about we meet up on the Monday after everything's done (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) to complain, praise, and cross-pollinate after the event?
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Hey. I'm one of em. Hope y'all on codex aren't stressing too much... I remember last year at this time :-)

So, I vote yes, with a side of maybe CBC? Something on the red line would be good though.
posted by nat at 9:51 PM on December 20, 2011

Mystery of Science (?) and Veggie Planet are right around the corner from there.

Also, as of this moment I am down with this. It might depend on my work schedule.
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Miracle of Science?
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I have some friends in from out of town so I may have plans, but if we're sick of each other by then I may come. ^_^ It's a great idea any way about it!
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Oh, CDC is better for large groups & I think you can make a reservation - Miracle of Science is pretty small. It'll depend on how large (and by then, showered) the group is.
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Yeah, I still getting over the last meetup we had at the CDC, although the hemorrhaging has mostly stopped, thankfully.
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Oooo is it the Center for Beer Control, or the Canadian Beer Corporation?
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I think they're talking about the Cambridge Brewing Company, as well as Miracle of Science. I was thinking a lunch meet, since I have a 3:45 flight to catch.
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Ok, I think enough interest is expressed, I'll move this to confirmed for the CBC at noon on the 16th. Later today I'll memail all the people who outed themselves on the old thread, since I think this only went automatically to Boston locals.
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Oh heck yes. Depending on my own team's decompression schedule, but oh heck yes.
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Hmm...decisions, decisions. This definitely sounds cool, and I'd be down, but I'm not exactly sure what my travel schedule is yet, so I probably shouldn't totally commit. I like CBC; it's on the Red Line and group-friendly. It does have a tendency to inflict Long Table Syndrome on meetups, an unfortunate condition that results in socialization with only the people immediately around you, but that's sort of true of any place with chairs. So yeah, my attendance is probably depending on a few factors, but if I've already got one teammate already saying they're in, there's a reasonable chance I'll make an appearance.
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Meanwhile... swimming? Really? I am intrigued, and yet do not wish to be seen in a bathing suit.
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Maybe you can come watch the event even if you aren't your team's rep? I'm sort of hoping I do get to do that one, as I've never been to an event I wasn't helping to run before.
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I very much enjoyed the pirate video game costume party last year.
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We toyed with the idea of a swimming event last year, but multiple cases of pneumonia during the planning process caused us to reconsider water sports in January, so I'm excited to see how this turns out. We also nixed a delightfully ill-advised plan to reenact Frogger on Mass Ave, but then unexpectedly settled on exploding buckets, so, uh...whee, events!
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-enigmatic smile-

And I'll wait until Friday or Saturday (because I'm -sure- I'll remember then!) to get a reservation, so that at least some of the post-Hunt plans can become clearer.
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Sounds like I'll be late to the meetup (I have a 10:30 dim sum to attend) but I still plan to come by.

Oh, and I'm swimming on Saturday, gods help me. Need to go buy goggles tonight. Hope being blind isn't a problem. (Hope my bathing suit still fits, eek.)
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I suspect that nat will come with someone too, so we're definitely at critical mass. I'm going to make a reservation for 10 people at noon once CBC calms down from their Sunday beerunch, and let them know Monday morning when we have a more accurate count. I do hope you all have enjoyed and/or are enjoying the Hunt!
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Assuming I can find an appropriate place to stash my suitcase, I'll probably head over with nat and co. with a Mefite lurker of my own in tow. (That almost rhymes?)
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I've made a reservation for 10, under the name MF, at noon. I'll check this a few times between now and then, to see if people go from maybe to yes.
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Ok, I made it here, on orange laptop in lobby.
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