Los Angeles Printer's Fair
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Sat October 3 at 10:00 AM, The International Printing Museum
315 W Torrance Blvd, Carson, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
The 2015 Los Angeles Printer's Fair is this upcoming weekend. I won't be able to go (I'm back in Boston!), but I remember talking about it at a previous meet-up and some people being interested. I thought this would be a good way to let people know that it's happening.
General information is here. There are three parts:

1) The museum, which is open year-round, has 6-8 historical presses, some of which have a docent describing and/or operating them. Yes, there will probably be a Benjamin Franklin.

2) They also have a huge warehouse of old printing equipment that you can wander through. I think this is only open during the fair. Last year there was a guy running a Linotype machine (gears and lots of moving parts! molten lead!) who would cast a piece with a message your requested.

3) There's also 5-6 aisles of contemporary print makers exhibiting and selling their work. There were also a few people who collect complete sets of old metallic fonts and sell them.

(As you can tell I love the paraphernalia relating to pre-computer printing and typography.)

Anyways, thought I'd pass the info on.
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I'd have posted this earlier but the notification went to my (rarely checked) Spam folder.

And if anyone does go, I'll recommend checking out the Alpine Village just the other side of the 110. It's a cheesy 1950's style touristy German place, but the market there has an amazing collection of imported food, way beyond what you can get at Trader Joe's.
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Ooh, looks neat.
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Wow! I had no idea this was here. I'm so going.
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Alpine Village regularly wins awards for their sausage and cured meats, and in my experience these awards are well deserved. I'd recommend bringing a cooler to take stuff home if you're a -wurst fan of any type.
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Anybody go? I'd love to hear your experience, just out of curiosity and for the second-handed pleasure.
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Nope, wanted to but my wife got a fever so…
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And it wasn't "a fever for typography"?

But seriously, sorry to hear that, hope your wife feels better quick.
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Awe, I remember you mentioned it at game night. I even signed up for their email but I didn't see this in time. Next year!
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