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Sun August 30 at 11:00 AM, Mercado
7238 Southeast Foster Road, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi! Me and baniak will be in Portland at the end of the month! LET'S EAT DOUGHNUTS OR SOMETHING. EDIT: LET'S EAT DELICIOUS LATIN AMERICAN FOOD.
WOO HOO!!! Let's eat delicious food and hang out for a bit, How about it?

PREVIOUSLY: And OMFG *not* Voodoo. Please. (Blue Star? Pine Street Biscuits? Waffle Window? WHAT ELSE IS THERE? Tell me!!)

We would like to see some of your friendly faces when we come out. How about Sunday brunch-adjacent? This will be super low key, We just want to meet some of our west coast cohort.

We will be staying in SE. We have no problem traveling within the city.

Suggest food! Suggest something else! We figure this will be low key and relatively short, but whatever works!

EDIT: and Baniak pointed out I forgot a date. We are free Sunday 8/30, and brunchy/lunchy would be perfect.
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Pip's! Doughnuts AND chai flights. I recommend the Heart of Gold or the Emmylou chai. And also, damn it, sad we missed each other. (If you get the apricot doughnuts at Pip's, say YES to the habanero sea salt).
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Sunday brunchy/lunchy almost certainly means long waits at the popular places. Maybe someone can suggest somewhere that's currently under the radar, so it doesn't take us two hours to get a table...
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Greg_Ace - I was thinking almost more somewhere near a food truck pod, or a walk up window, like a park or something. Not necessarily a sit down place. But I am always here for proper brunch, basically.
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That's an idea. There are quite a few to choose from ....
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Here's one at NE 52nd and Sandy; I've never been to it so I can't recommend it personally, but it seems to have brunch-friendly foods and it looks like most of the places would be open on Sundays at 11am.
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How about the Portland Mercado? It's a new latin american market that has eight food carts in the lot, along with everything you could get in the market also. It looks pretty awesome and I've been meaning to go.
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I checked out the Mercado a couple of weeks ago. Delish! It would be perfect for a meetup.
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Sounds good to me.
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also holy FUCK the Mercado looks damned perfect. CONFIRMING THAT SHIT.
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Oh snap - I won't be, for some reason I fail at calendars, but you guys should still totally go to the Mercado.
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Hi guys. I'm sad to say we have to cancel this due to a dumb medical emergency. We'll hopefully be out in December instead.
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That's too bad. I hope everything turns out okay!
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greg_ace - my gallbladder decided this week was the perfect Tim to go bad. :/ oh well, at least we can reuse the plane tickets later this year!!
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*time. My gallbladder was certainly not a Tim.
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Hey! We're going to be in Portland this weekend, anyone still interested in meeting up, probably Saturday evening?
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