The "other" Portland, let's meet up!
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Sat August 29 at 8:00 PM, Loyal Legion, Portland OR
710 Southeast 6th Avenue, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
So it looks like the other meetup got canceled, but the wife and I will be in town this weekend! Anyone interested in Saturday dinner/drinks?
We're driving up from her parents' place on Saturday for a wedding on Sunday, so we were thinking Saturday evening would probably be best for us. Anyone still have the weekend free and want to meet up?

I really want to go to Ground Kontrol while we're there, but have no opinions on food options. We eat everything and are staying near Pok Pok on SE Division St.
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Which matters more to you - eating, or drinks? And do you have a preferred subcategory of drinks (beer, beer-nerd beer, cocktails, wine, local brandy, local gin, ...)
posted by janell at 12:10 PM on August 26, 2015

We're definitely going to need dinner, so let's do that! Somewhere with a good selection of beers? Wife is requesting "foodie" food but refuses to elaborate on that.
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One more question to narrow down some possibilities - have you been here before? Where have you eaten and how did you feel about it: liked/loathed/meh?

(Pok pok is not particularly feasible for large groups, or ad hoc groups, so large ad hoc groups = extra NG. No matter how delicious those wings are.)
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I haven't been before and wife hasn't been back in a long time, so we really don't know the scene at all. I only mentioned Pok Pok to give an idea of where we're staying.
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Maybe we can finally make it to Loyal Legion!

We tried really hard to go there this summer (twice!) and failed, but this might be the time? They apparently feature Olympi(c|a) Provisions sausages, and those cats do delicious work. They open at 4.
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janelle: Maybe we can finally make it to Loyal Legion!

Met a friend there the other night. Good place. Finding a big enough table could be tricky, depending on how many show up.

Depending on what time (later is better for me) you set this thing for, I may be able to make it over.
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Yes, that looks great! We should be arriving in town about 5, so maybe 7:30 or so? Or later?
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I'd love to check out Loyal Legion, but be aware that they're cash-only (but supposedly there are ATMs available, ATM fees might apply).
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When, Nick? I think my plans for Saturday are mostly chores/yard work so anytime is fine.

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Time? Probably 8 or so.
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OK, confirmed! We'll see everyone there.
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Heading out now!
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I'm a little late getting going, but I'm planning on coming to this. See you there!
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I am at the bar very near the entrance, we are going to have to pounce when a table frees up.
posted by janell at 7:47 PM on August 29, 2015

Ah! We have a booth around the back of the bar.
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After spending 24+ hours with a toddler, we are worn out.
We'll have to catch you next time.
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