July the Goat
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Wed July 1 at 5:30 PM, The Original Billy Goat Tavern
430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey, First Wednesday is the first of July, so use your rent money to join us at the Billy Goat (430 North Michigan Avenue) and then maybe the Blue Frog . (676 N LaSalle) *
* Please do not use your rent money to do this.

Tiny beers, Wheel of Fortune if there's no sports to be watched, camaraderie, a sparkly patriotic hat to be worn for any karaoke songs with an "America" theme, fog instead of fireworks, and more!
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I got mine at Target in the Dollar bins at front last year and I was supposed to throw it out after wearing it one year, but I kept it because nobody is in charge of my junk and clutter but ME! This is America. It is my Constitutional right to horde guns and anything red, white, and blue.
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I need to work on my karaoke list.
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Tiny bears?
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A google image search of "tiny bears drinking tiny beers" led me to this story about Voytek, the beer drinking cigarette smoking bear hero of WWII, so follow your dreams kids.
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I simply cannot favorite that enough times.
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I wish I had rainbow colors in satin to make a second hat!
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I will try to gay sparkle enough for us all without it.
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yep. I'm neither sparkly, not patriotic, but I am fancy dressed.
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Oh man I really hope you're using the British definition.
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Speaking of, I realized all the "America" songs I was considering for karaoke are actually versions popularized by British artists.

Which I think is perfect given that it's Canada Day.
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You guys, I think this might be my 50th goatup ± 2.
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50th is either the golden anniversary or you are halfway to syndication.
Go for another 50 because syndication is a gold mine.
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I would watch this series!
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I'm coming to Chicago on Friday so I hope everyone isn't meetuped out due to this awesome meetup
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Come and watch things explode with us!
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meetuped-out? I am not sure that's possible for the month of meet up champions.
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My body seems to have decided it's been too long since my last cold and that a long weekend is a great time to come down with something. I am going to stay in tonight with fingers tightly crossed that I can kick this before it's time for explosions!
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Boo to colds!

(speaking of, what the fuck is with me wearing a sweater to the July meetup)

Yay to self-care and explosions!
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I am on my way and I feel obligated to tell anybody who may be new and looking for unfamiliar faces that I am not planning on wearing my sparkly hat at the Billy Goat. We're usually pretty easy to spot otherwise.
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Poor Some Sugar on Me has literally no cultural resonance for me
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It has A LOT of cultural resonance for me but I still would never sing it.
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Must say Our Girl managed Come Sail Away better than I've heard it at the Frog.
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Agreed. Also I stand by this tweet; in fact, if anything, I feel even more strongly about it 36 hours later.
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oh yes, that was a HIGHLIGHT.
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photos added.
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