New Paltz Trip for the City Folk
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I'll be in New Paltz on Sunday the 21st and wanted to see if people wanted to take another New Paltz day trip this summer.
Note this day is Father's Day, but I'm there to run a half in the morning, so the date is not negotiable. I'm driving up the evening before and grabbing an Airbnb or a hotel room or something, so I won't be available to shuttle people the morning of, but if anyone wants to get in on the coming up the night before action, I'm cool with passengers and splitting a room. I can take people back, but note I will likely be on a specific timeline because of the car reservation.

unannihilated likes to drink beer and eat food and relax after her long runs, so last year's itinerary seemed mostly good, minus the hike. Though I could maybe handle a hike if I can manage to sneak a nap in.
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I'm tentatively interested, pending the date (my schedule is kinda wacky, so I can't predict which dates would be better than any others and people should not plan around me).
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Wait, I'm confuzzed. Is this a double?
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The other thread was meant for New York. This is an invitation for New York, New York.
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Apologies for the confusion. I made this second post and set the location to New York, New York (NYC) so that the people who live in New York City would get an IRL e-mail notification. The first post I originally set to New Paltz, and that's outside the notification range for some parts of NYC. I tried changing it to New York, New York later (which is what it says now), but that doesn't trigger an e-mail.
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