Brewery Meetup: New Paltz Edition
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Sat July 12 at 3:00 PM, Bacchus
4 South Chestnut Street, New Paltz, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Brewery meetup shall go to points north, New Paltz and thereabouts. More details will be hammered out eventually. Sounds like we should go to Bacchus and probably Hyde Park Brewery. (stay tuned for a more NYC-local brewery meetup at some point.)
I'm setting the location as Bacchus so I can confirm the meetup but I guess we will still iron out if we are going anyplace else first or after.
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I've heard good things about Bacchus, in New Paltz. Also, I love New Paltz.

Don't know how we'd get there though. Rent a van?
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I'd be happy to try Bacchus but I'm afraid I don't have any constructive suggestions for transport.
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If this thing moves north towards Peekskill or Bacchus, you can count me in. Haven't been to the Peekskill Brewery yet but have heard good things. I live right outside of New Paltz and can provide some info on Bacchus. Excellent food and an impressive selection of bottled beer (several hundred varieties!), they just started brewing their own beers. They only have 2 or 3 available at any time but they recently were featuring a blood orange infused stout that was seriously the best beer I've ever had. The Gilded Otter Brew Pub is right down the street (walking distance) and they feature a wider selection of their own excellent craft brewed beer, so a trip to New Paltz is essentially a two-fer.
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I have been to Bacchus at least twice. They have a huge beer selection and can easily accommodate a big group with a reservation. Food is good. If we were going to go to New Paltz, a pre-beer hike would be indicated.
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If we do Bacchus, which does sound nice, how should we get there?
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Getting a hold of a car is actually not that difficult. I just used Zipcar for the first time recently, and it's pretty easy. I think the real issue is that no one is going to want to be a designated driver and not drink when the destination is a brewery tour. I know I sure don't want to.
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Yeah I guess that is more what I mean, unannihilated. Maybe we could do Peekskill instead since it is so near MetroNorth?
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My SO does not drink, but neither does he drive a stick shift, so unless he has procured a car by then, I would be willing to be the DD. My car's back seat can fit two comfortably and three less so.
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From Grand Central, take the Hudson Line to Poughkeepsie; then take the Ulster-Poughkeepsie bus link to New Paltz, and walk to Bacchus.

I can meet you at the bus link, as I know those parts.

If anyone can swing some sort of carpool (with designated drivers, naturally), a double treat would be in order - as MeFites could visit the Hyde Park Brewery before heading off to Bacchus.
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Also throwing my car or minivan into the mix as transportaion to/from Metro North in Poughkeepsie.
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And if we're starting the tour on the East Shore of the Hudson, Mill House Brewing (who make the best Scotch Ale I've had in years) is RIGHT THERE in Poughkeepsie.. And then there's the Newburgh Brewing Company as well, on the West Shore.
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So I'm thinking maybe we should split into two parts. First, it sounds like there is definitely interest in a New Paltz/farther afield trip with brewing and/or hiking, so let's definitely do that. I also would like to make a separate meetup for going to Finback or SingleCut in case New Paltz is too much of an excursion for some city Mefites (and so I can drink more beer). Thoughts? Good dates? Early to mid July is best for me.
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Saturdays are best for me (silly work schedule).
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Would July 5th work or are people going to be away that weekend?
If not, maybe the 12th?
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I'm going to be out of town the weekend of the 5th, but I'm free the weekend of the 12th.
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New Paltz, 7/12?
What say y'all? Especially those who offered to help ferry Mefites about?
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That works for us.
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The 12th in New Paltz works for me; I can help with transportation to/from the Poughkeepsie Metro North Station. Perhaps we should a) decide on an itinerary (Do we wamntbto go to the Hyde Park Brewery & Mill House since we'll be starting/ending the dayon that side of the river anyway) and b) figure out how many people need rides (so us upstaters can figure out how many vehicles will be needed to meet the train)
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Excellent; I will call it for the 12th since there seems to be a decent amount of positive feedback.

As to your points, KingEdRa, I for one would be happy to go to Hyde Park Brewery if there is interest! And I and my +1 would need a ride.
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Ok, that's two for the Maximum Family Funsterwagon (aka my minivan). There's room for 2 more.
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Moving time to 3 to allow for hiking beforehand for those who want it. Meetup remains a bit of a work in progress.
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I plan to attend, so sign me up for the Funsterwagon!
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The BF and I would love to do a hike prior, so if a couple people want to commit to a full day, there is space in the Computech car. Hike before beers is aces.
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As much fun as a pre-beer hike sounds, 3:00 PM works best for me (my non-driving SO will be working in the AM). Biggest decision we face is WHERE do we start; Hyde Park or New Paltz? Both are equidistant-ish drive from Poughkeepsie Metro North station. Excellent hiking in the Gunks near New Paltz, so maybe we start brew tour in New Paltz and work our way back to Poughkeepsie/HydePark.
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I would love to go for a hike too. Does this mean I should join the Computech car?
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You have a spot in my car. Anybody else? Gunks hiking is awesome!
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How intense is this hike?
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We are looking at options in the slightly to moderately strenuous category (2-3 hours?). The BF is asking for a swimhole option as well, which makes it a bit more complicated. We are checking out the New York Walk Book and other resources; all suggestions will be entertained.
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Swimming hole? I'd recommend Split Rock in The Mohonk Preserve. Minnewaska State Park has several (Awosting Falls!) but the park rangers will chase you out if they catch you swimming, which on a Saturday in the summer, is almost certain. Peterskill Falls is a little more remote and less likely to be checked up on but it is a lesser experience (IMO) than Awosting Falls.
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Ok I'm in for the hike, especially if there is swimming.
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I've gone for a dip in the Mohonk Preserve (in the Coxing Kill, off Clove Road, near Routes 44/55), paying for just an hour in the water was not ideal. But perhaps if we went for a hike there (thereby requiring a day pass, which is $12), it wouldn't seem so steep.
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Sounds fine to me, thereemix. Hope you can come!
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If anybody wants to go hiking along with us, let me know and I'll keep you in the loop for where we are headed. I think leaving the city by 8 would leave us a nice chunk of time.
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Where should the hikers and the drinkers meet exactly? Bacchus at 3-something?
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3ish sounds good. Bacchus or Gilded Otter. Otter might be a better initial meet up, as they have their own parking lot everyone can park their cats at; Bacchus is right up the street from The Otter.
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As a ferret, I support the idea of the Otter!
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Duly noted. See everyone tomorrow!
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Hey every one, I'm running a little late, Probably be there closer to 4:00/4:15. Can oan anyone tweet me @kingedra if you have moved on from The Otter before I get there.
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I am basically here. Anyone else nearby? If so I will go to the Otter.
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We're here on the patio.
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Great time, thank you for the escort out of town, KingEdRa!
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Yes, thanks! Lots of fun.
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Anytime! Glad to hear everyone made it home OK. Was super fun meeting everyone today.
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