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Mon June 29 at 6:00 PM, Virgil's Sea Room
3152 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I will be in San Francisco for ALA, and a meetup would be grand. I will propose Monday night (29 June) at 6pm-ish. I will be near Levi's Plaza on the Embarcadero, so something near that would be best for me, but I am open to other options. Any thoughts?
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I'm in, assuming I haven't collapsed from exhaustion from Pride weekend stuff (but I took the Monday off because I am smart like that, finally). I don't know anything about things near there to eat/drink, but someone will. I'll ping chatongriffes, because she works near there and will have ideas I bet. (Assuming the Supreme Court hands down its gay marriage decision that previous week, Pride weekend is likely to be even more crazy than usual whether the news is good or bad!)
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I'd be OK with moving it elsewhere, as long as I can figure out how to get there. I don't think I'd be too far from BART, so, except for getting a train on a Monday at 5, I could theoretically get anywhere near a BART station by 6....
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I work at Levi's Plaza! It's definitely doable to get to other Bart accessible places by 6. Looking forward to seeing all you lovely MeFites!
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Anyone want to suggest a place? I've been to SF a lot, but I don't really have an idea of what will be open on a Monday evening and suitable for however many people as may show up. Something with beer and vegetarian options would be nice.
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I would be delighted to join and rehash ALA/meet folks, if that's OK. I don't know that neighborhood, but I've always wanted to try Fog City Diner. Will ask my foodie friends what's good there.
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I'm in San Francisco from Tuesday 3 May till Friday 8 May if anyone wants to hang out.
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I am going to be in SF from June 24th through at least July 6th and would absolutely love to meet up with as many of you as possible! One of the reasons for my trip is to accompany a friend having bottom surgery June 26th, and so I'm not sure about my availability for the days immediately around then, but other than that I should be able to make anything I can BART to. Depending on the night I'll be staying with my brother in Daly City or at the hospital in what I guess is the Castro.
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Ok, I'm gonna go ahead an suggest places even though I don't usually do that, and I am lazy and like stuff in my neighborhood (Mission) and they're BART-accessible, so:

Frjtz (YES I WENT THERE) (for anyone not in on the joke, search meTa/IRL for "frjtz", but the short of it is we had a bunch of meetups in a row there and for a brief time it was declared anathema, but it is quite convenient and had beer by the pitcher and also affordable edibles.) It is near 16th st BART.

Rosamunde's - can be hella noisy, but also beer and edibles (including a vegan or vegetarian I forget which sausage), and right next to 24th st BART; earlier is usually less crowded.

Virgil's Sea Room - full bar, no food, but plenty of places nearby where you can get takeout to bring in. Owned by a friend of ours, excellent patio (with reservable tables) with heaters, excellent cocktails and beer, about a 7-minute walk from 24th st BART if you hit all the lights right.
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Frjtz is delightful, so no wonder it's become The Place. If we're OK going to the Mission, might I also suggest Cha Cha Cha--- gets a little loud, but they have small plates and pitchers of great sangria, and they can take big groups. Bond Bar (used to be Esta Noche) is also nice-- not super loud, reasonable drinks, next door to pupusas.
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I would be OK going to the Mission; as I said, it looks like the BART is fairly close to where my last meeting is, so that should work fine for a 6pm start. Since I have no experience with any of these places, I will defer to the locals -- if we can settle on a place, I will change the details on the meet-up.
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There is no way in hell I'm setting foot in Bond.
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Then I vote Virgil's; we can reserve a table. For those who will want to pick up food on the way, there is Rosamunde's; right next to it is Taqueria San Jose (excellent carnitas!); across the street and down the block a bit is La Taqueria (winner of the 538 burrito bracket); and down closer to Virgil's is Taqueria Can-Cun and Baby Blues BBQ right across the street.
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OK, it's set. I will change the meetup details. Thanks, rtha!
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Um, clarification? The text says June, which I think is right because that's when the ALA is, but the header/link says May?
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Fixed, sorry!
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The table reservation at Virgil's is confirmed; it will be on the patio, and should have a sign that says "reserved for rtha" or something like that on it.
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rtha, you are the best!
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Just remember to wear layers! There are heaters on the patio, but we don't call it Juneuary for nothing! (Or it could be 100 degrees, the way it when I came to San Francisco in June 2000 for a friend's commitment ceremony. Who knows?)
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see you crazy kids there
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I'm here in Daly City! Woo!
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hi yaymukund here. I'll definitely be there but if there's no space that's okay— I realize my +1 is pretty last minute.
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Dooods! My flight was cancelled meaning my trip was cancelled meaning -- the universe wants me to go to the Meetup. Add me, please!
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The bar has a spacious patio (plus room inside) so even if we only have one table reserved we should be able to accommodate more.

I am also not expecting it to be too busy on a Monday night.
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If Virgil's could handle the overflow crowd from El Rio's trans march afterparty on Friday night, it can definitely handle some mefites! Lots of room, and I'm also guessing it will be pretty quiet after this weekend of celebrating. Everyone come on down!
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Looking forward to seeing you all this evening.
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We are waiting at rosamunde's for food. Will be there shortly.
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I'm running a bit late too— I'll be there in ~15m!
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On the BART
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I am here, waiting for y'all.
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ausdemfenster and I are walking over shortly!
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At the first table out back.
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On the 49 see u soon
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So much fun, everybody!
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Aw man, bummed I missed this but glad you guys had fun!!
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That was such a good time! Everybody was super rad!
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I added our lovely group picture! You are all delights!
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