Picnic in the gardens
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Sat April 25 at 1:00 PM, Untermyer Park and Gardens
945 North Broadway, Yonkers, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Come to the gardens in Yonkers where I work and have a potluck picnic. As an outside event that depends heavily on weather, the date for this event could easily change. So definitely check here before heading out the door!
To get an idea of the place, a former grand estate with a Walled Indo-Persian style garden, take a look at photos from the previous year.

The gardens are in Yonkers and are most easily reached by car, bus or Metro North. Our website has detailed directions. Note that if you're taking the bus, the Beeline uses NYC's metrocard and accepts transfers from the subway at the northern terminus of the 1 line (242nd and Broadway). Last year, there were drivers coming from NYC and my husband also picked up people from the Metro North train station - hopefully we can do this again as the walk from the train station is quite uphill. Trains run approximately once an hour and the train ride which is along the banks of the Hudson River is one of the most beautiful train rides I've enjoyed. Try to get a seat on the west side of the train to get the best views.

The gardens have public restrooms, and parts are wheelchair accessible - the area we are planning on picnicking is accessible if person with the wheelchair doesn't mind a bit of off-roadaction. Or we could change the picnic location.

Date: April 25. Possible rain dates include: May 9 or May 16. (note that the 9th is the day before Mother's Day).

We should plan to meet around 1pm and picnic and I'd be happy to show people around the place after lunch.

This is a public park so there is no admission fee. Things that are not permitted: dogs and alcohol. Things that are encouraged because they were really fun last year: capes. Kids are definitely welcome. I tend to invite non-mefite friends and family, so feel free to bring a +1 or +n.
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The Mudlarking at Dead Horse Bay was a maybe for the weekend of the 25th, but it's slid off the main IRL page for being in 'Proposed' status for a while, not sure if it's still a go.

I'm fine with either date. Will bring my capes, will be driving, and as per usual will try to get there in time to help with the arrival train people-shuttling but will definitely be able to give a few people a ride back to the train or back to upper an upper-Manhattan subway stop as I make my way back south to Jersey City (via either the GWB or Holland Tunnel depending on traffic).
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My vote is for April 25, but I could make the May 9 and 16 as well (slightly later arrival time). We could also assist with shuttling people.
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Looks like mudlarking is on Sunday - so the Saturday is still free.

I changed the start time on picnicking to 1pm so we can all get up later.
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Sounds lovely; I've really enjoyed past garden outings. I hope I can make it!
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I LOVE YOU GUYS and while my schedule is far too mercurial for me to have input on the date, I sincerely hope I can join you again this year.
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Ok. I've set the date for the 25th.
I need to look at the metro north schedule for that day and post specific trains that make sense. If you've never taken the metro north Hudson Line up the Hudson River, you're in for a treat. The train is right along the water and according to the conductor I talked to yesterday afternoon, the view of the water never gets old.
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Looks like we won't get as glorious a Saturday for the picnic as we had this weekend, but the rain should be over with mid-week. How is the garden looking? Any cherry blossoms?

I'm planning on making my horseradish+mustard deviled eggs again, and stopping at Trader Joe's and/or Whole Foods on the drive north for cheese & whatnot.
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Cherry trees are just about to bloom - I'll update over the week. Tulips have buds but won't likely be in bloom.

We're going to picnic in a different area (surrounded by daffodils) as the gardens are seeing more and more visitors.

I should scan a garden map and indicate picnicking location. But it is 6am and I need to get ready to go to work.
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Looks like there's a 12:20 train from GCT to Greystone; would people be interested in taking that with me? sciencegeek and/or oh yeah!, would you be able to get people from the train?
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I'll join you on that train.
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I'll aim for that train too.
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Yay! I will declare myself a YES.
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We can ferry people from the train! New(er) car with more comfortable back seats!
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My husband should be able to pick people up from the 12:20pm train which arrives at Greystone at 12:57pm. We have a small greenish Toyota Corolla of the 1993 vintage and he is a tall skinny guy with glasses. If there are a lot of people, we may have to make a couple of trips from station to gardens.

At the gardens: we will be meeting in the daffodil meadow (different from the last couple of years) which is near the Temple of Love.

Map showing the grounds.
Photo of area. We will be meeting northeast of the Temple of Love. Feel free to memail me for my phone number if you need it.

Potluck things: my husband and I will be bringing drinks (water, some form of caffeinated soda and some form of fruit drink), plates, cutlery and cups. I will likely put together some form of salad-like thing (chickpea salad is a top contender right now). If anyone has allergies or other dietary restrictions, speak up so we can make sure everyone has enough for lunching. We will also be bringing a couple of picnic blankets, but there's always need for more so we can effectively sprawl.
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I am going to try to bring a blueberry ricotta cake (more like a pound cake than a birthday cake), assuming I can throw one together by Saturday.
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I am really excited for this as usual, buuuuuut...it is still pretty chilly out. The high for Saturday for Yonkers is only supposed to be 62 degrees, so we'll be picnicking in jackets. For reference, last year we didn't do this until late May (May 18).

I bring it up in case people want to think about moving it later for weather reasons. Otherwise, be sure to dress warmly/bring layers, because it won't be as warm out as previous years.
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It's supposed to be sunny this weekend, that's good enough for me. (I think we'd jinx ourselves into a string of rainy weekends if we tried rescheduling now. Maybe we can do it again at the end of the summer though.)
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yeah. i'm a bit concerned about the coolness but am committed to doing this this weekend.
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We can always do less picnicking, more walking. Doesn't bother me!
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It will be plenty sunny and picnicable. We will bring baguettes and cheese and fruit and such items.
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and the canals in the gardens were filled yesterday!
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I am bringing my usual specialty, shit I grabbed at Costco at the last minute: raspberries, blueberries, swiss cheese, chicken salad, and some sweetened fruit/nut mix that is the kind of shit that masquerades as healthy but is so not.
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Just finished making the deviled eggs - just gotta figure out what I'm wearing, and then I'll hit the road and see what strikes my fancy at Trader Joes and Whole Foods along the way. Given the chill in the air, I think I'll have to forgo the cloaks this time so I can wear a bulkier coat and not be stuck carrying too many things getting from the parking lot to the picnic area.
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Slight changes in plans! I will be taking the same train but getting on at 125 St, and bringing a pumpkin chocolate loaf cake.
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Warming up nicely
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In the checkout line at TJs now, probably won't be at Yonkers in time to drive people from the train but it seems like sciencegeek and computech have got that covered. Much warmer out now than it was a couple of hours ago, yay.
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123fakestreet is headed down to the train station now. He's in s green:blue Toyota and is wearing a black hoodie and red shirt
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We are leaving presently and should be there around 1:20.
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We are west and a bit south of the community center.
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So much fun! Thanks, sciencegeek!
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Yes, thank you sciencegeek!
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thanks for coming all the way to Yonkers. I'm so happy the weather obliged and turned lovely and sunny and we got to picnic.
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