Mudlarking at Dead Horse Bay?
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I'm going to be in NYC the weekend of April 25th, and I'd love to organize an outing to the bottle beach at Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn. Anyone interested?
I'll be free all day Sunday the 26th, and happy to help coordinate. It would be best if we had access to a vehicle for this-- it's a pain to get there by public transit alone. It probably won't be possible to know the exact time we need to be there until closer to the day, since it's best to go at low tide. Might be fun to pack a picnic, if times line up?
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Had to look up what this is. Damn you really wanna picnic at the trash beach? That's pretty baller.
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I love Dead Horse Bay! I got there a lot.
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Hmmm...what exactly does one do there?
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islandeady, it's a bottle beach-- you can collect intact 19th century bottles, bits of crockery, and other weird bits and pieces. Very fun for treasure hunting!

...and waitaminute. 1970s Antihero, we apparently are internet acquaintances from Days of Yore. Hello!
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Oh, hey, how about that! Hi!
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This sounds awesome, and I'm definitely in if I'm around that weekend, but it's a bit too early to know.
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Okay, so it looks like there are a bunch of people interested, great! I think the main issue is going to be transportation-- does anyone have a Zipcar account? Or is this the kind of situation where Uber is actually useful?

I am perfectly willing to buy a bunch of pairs of dishwashing gloves (you do not want to mudlark barehanded); would anyone local be willing to bring a couple of buckets and maybe some small brushes to clean sand out of bottles? Also important: sturdy boots.
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When I go I take the bus, because I’m cheap like that, and it’s actually not a big deal! I take the 2 train to the last stop at Flatbush Ave-Brooklyn College, which for me is about 25 minutes, and then I get on the Q35 bus, which is about 15 minutes, and drops me off right at the beach entrance.
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I have a car that fits 4 passengers if one person doesn't mind being a little crowded in the middle seat, but I'd be coming from Jersey City and I don't know where people would need driving from. Or what I'd do with the car if the meetup moves off the beach for food & drink. (I'd probably choose to drive rather than do the PATH+subway+bus though.)
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Seconding the bus. I've been there many times and the bus is fine (but I usually bike).

One very important thing is that you want to go there at low tide! So plan accordingly.

I might tag along, but I think we should agree on a food/drinks placed for after. Barboncino, off of the 2 on the way back? Or some place like Jameson's in the Rockaways? The latter would need a car or people on bikes, I think.
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Biking it sounds like a ton of fun! I'd be up for that if it's really feasible.
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I'm in Jersey City and will bike anywhere - I've wanted to check this place out for a long time so I'll try to make it.
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The bus leaves from near my house so I'd probably do that. Up for food/drink afterward.
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So cool! I am definitely up for this, preferably Saturday.

The low tides, according to, are as follows:

Saturday, April 25: 8:15 am and 8:22 pm
Sunday, April 26: 9:15 am and 9:27 pm

Of course, somebody should double-check these.
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The NOAA concurs with these times, ±10 minutes.
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Ok, so maybe aim to be there by 9:30 on Sunday?
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Any idea how long we might be there?
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Is this still a go for Sunday 4/26? I think it will take mod intervention to change the status from proposed to confirmed this far out from the initial post. (I'm still a maybe for the actual mudlarking since I can't see myself actually getting up and out of Jersey City early enough to be in Brooklyn by low tide, especially if the newly-proposed Yonkers picnic ends up happening on 4/25, but might make it to wherever the meetup ends up at for food.)
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