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Sat May 16 at 3:00 PM, GameHaus
1800 South Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's do this again! The last meet-up at GameHaus was so much fun and we all talked about doing it again soon. I'm going to propose any Sunday in April, around the same time, 3:00pm.
The basics: GameHaus is a super chill space in Glendale with over 800 games and a small kitchen preparing great snacky foods. There's a $5 cover which is good for the whole day and unlimited games.

We played Settlers of Catan, which none of us knew how to play so don't worry about knowing how to play any or all games! It was such a nice afternoon I'd even encourage you to come even if you don't want to play a game.

Celsius1414 was kind enough to link to some gaming videos in the last thread, for anyone who isn't familiar with some of the newer games.

Transportation-wise, I took the bus there from Santa Monica (one transfer) and it was painless. The drive home was smooth, too, since it was a Sunday.
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The food was surprisingly good for a gaming cafe! Great atmosphere all around. I only wish it was, say, within walking distance of my house so I could go every day! ;D
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Just as a semi-obvious heads-up, GameHaus is closed on Easter Sunday.

Also recommended (not sure if it was in the previous thread) but Wil Wheaton's "TableTop" youtube series is VERY helpful for learning these games on the quick.
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Ah, Easter wasn't on my radar, thanks. Since zippy's IRL is the following Saturday, let's choose April 19th or 26th. Either could work for me.
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Either the 19th or the 26th could work for me, too.
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Argh, I already made plans for both of those weekends. Oh well. Have fun, Team Hivemind!
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Sadly, all of the Sundays in April will be difficult for me due to previously-established deadlines, so I won't be able to make it to this one. Have fun!
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The 19th would be good for me.
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Shoot! After looking at my calendar, Sundays aren't looking good for me this month due to various plans. However, I would say don't worry about me if the majority need it on one of those. Otherwise the first likely Sunday for me would be May 3rd.
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Since May 2nd is the Darkplace meetup, would Saturdays work for more people?
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I'm certainly able to do Saturdays if it helps more people make it. It's sounding like it might be worth pushing back to May, though, if neither celsius1414 nor chicainthecity are available in April.
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Okay, back to Sundays. Does May 9th or 16th work for people?
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Either date, at this point, works for me.
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I'm putting myself down as 'maybe' because May 16 would work for me.
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Hi! OK - I might be able to do the 9th, but the 16th probably works the best for me.
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I went ahead and put a ring on the 16th.
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Right, so the 16th is a Saturday, even though I said it was Sunday. In case anyone else wasn't paying attention. 😃

I am really, really bad at this!
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Sadly, we will be out of town that day. :-(. Hoping to make the next one.
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I happen to be in southern California that weekend for the first time in a decade! (Grew up in Pasadena/Altadena.) If I don't have other plans already, I might come out for some board games with internet people. :)
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See y'all on Saturday! Can't wait!
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See y'all later today!
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I'm here and I have a table with 8 chairs.
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Celsius and I are on our way--sorry for the delay!
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Do you have an ETA?
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That was so much fun! THANKS OBAMA!!
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Two words: Count Bockula.

Thanks again, all!
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Thanks for everybody who came out. Couple of pix from last night:
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