♪Amaro, amaro, I love you amaro♬
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Sat January 24 at 7:00 PM, My house
72 Lansing Street, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Amaro meetup, my place!
I've been really into Amaro lately, so I think it'd be fun to all get together and try a bunch of different amari!

For those who don't know, an amaro is an Italian herbal digistif/liqueur. The word literally means bitter, but many aren't particularly bitter at all. There's a ton of variety though, which is why this'll be fun!

They're also a great way to add some depth to a cocktail.

Meetup deets:

Folks are encouraged (but not at all required) to bring other amari or other things that can be mixed with amaro. Other non-amaro herbal liqueurs would be fun too! But if you bring something, please be prepared to take any remainder back home with you because my liquor cabinet is already overflowing.

Similarly if some people were to bring some snack/party-foods, that'd be awesome (but if everyone were to do that it would be bad)

Coordinate via the google doc. Note that there's a second sheet for food.

Oh, and I do have cats. My robot butler cleans regularly, but if you are allergic, medicate accordingly.
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I would be interested in bringing food, but having never had amaro, I'm not sure what would be good to bring. Any recommendations/requests?
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This was a startling IRL notification :D
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Noms_Tiem: Hmm. Amaro is moderately sweet, so I might say something savory?

jamaro: Hah! Does your name have anything to do with amaro?
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Dang it. We have tickets to a show that night.
posted by rtha at 7:43 AM on January 4, 2015

Ooh, sounds like fun.
posted by Lexica at 8:14 AM on January 4, 2015

I am interested in this amaro situation and I want to meet your kittens!
posted by chatongriffes at 9:53 AM on January 4, 2015

That douglas fir stuff is weird.

I am definitely interested!
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Dang it. We have tickets to a show that night.

Double dang it!

I am interested in this amaro situation and I want to meet your kittens!

They're often shy around strangers, but I'm sure they'll make an exception for you!
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Aubilenon, my username is my first initial, last name but I've never actually tasted an amaro (unless sucking on a paper cut counts). I'll try to make it.
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Awesome choice. I will be there!
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And I will update the spreadsheet as soon as I get a chance to stop by Cask or K&L and pick out their weirdest amaro.
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Oh oh we love amaro. We are scheduled to go to a Sketchfest thing that afternoon, so we'll have to make an offering to the babysitting gods to make them both work.
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This sounds like a blast. Added something to the spreadsheet, will plan on being there!
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Never even had amaro. If I possibly can, I'll show up -- not just because I'd love to see all of you, but also to maintain novelty index elevation.
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Based on my penchant for spouting unintelligible gibberish, and because it sounded fun when Lexica described it, I'd be up for trying out Spaceteam.

There's a fridge at my workplace that should be fairly empty Friday and Saturday, if people want their liquors chilled and have a long commute. ubilenon, do you intend to chill your amari? I haven't tried amaro, but how does it compare to amaretto?

If we videotape your kittens licking each other and upload it to Youtube, will it link to something else?
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Amaretto and amaro do have the same etymology. Amaro means bitter. Amaretto is originally made from bitter almonds, though now it's frequently made with apricot pits, which have the advantage of not being poisonous. But aside from both being Italian liqueurs (meaning: sweetened & moderate-alcohol content), they're really not very similar.

Amaro Nonino came with a little recipe book attached to the bottle by a gold-colored elastic. The first recipe was: pour it in a glass. The second recipe was: pour it in a glass with some ice. Eventually they're telling you to spend 8 hours making an infusion with cigars. I'm not going to bother with the cigars thing, but the point of this story is: there's no need to chill the bottles - it's reasonable to drink it room temperature or to chill it with ice.

IME amaretto is often syrupier than amaro, which means the dilution from ice is even more welcome IMO.
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This sounds fantastic! For anyone else (like me!) who might be unfamiliar with Amari, I found the following pages on twitter a while back (perhaps it was aubilenon who linked to them?) which are incredibly helpful.
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I don't think I've seen those. Or if I did I must have googled them and sent you a link without hardly even reading them. But that would be sloppy tweeting, and I would never do that!
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Does anyone want to come to this afterwards? We can go really late. Great DJs and tickets are only $20 at the moment.
ICE Hot 28-hour Goodbye Party@ Public Works

Also I love the idea of a house party co-ordinated via Google sheets. Feels very SF to me.
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Well, for this sort of party, it's really necessary! I mean, what if every person showed up with the same kind of amaro? It would be a tragedy!

Even though I am really looking forward to the show we're going to - Patti Smith - I am also sad we're going to miss this.
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Doors for that don't even open until 9!
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We like to get good spots!
posted by rtha at 6:18 PM on January 8, 2015

That seems perfectly reasonable! Have fun!
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We could maybe come after the show?
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How late do we expect the house party to run? I'd be up to Erberus's event but I do enjoy hanging out with MeFites.
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I am happy to host people into the wee hours. Late is great! It's hard to predict other people's plans in terms of how late things will keep going, but in the past I recall there were some folks around a couple hours past the 11:30 exodus of Caltrain-bound peninsulites.

Gingerbeer & rtha, I'm not going to try to keep the thread update during the meetup, but feel free to text/call me to see where things are at when the show gets out.

Halifix: Erberus's thing does last 28 hours, and appears to start three hours later than the meetup, which means it ends 2:00a on the 26th. You could hang out with us until late, go home, get some sleep, take a shower, wait in line for an hour, eat a nice brunch, and they'd still have 10 or 12 hours of thumpy music left for you.
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Oh, this sounds fun! The Boy and I could very conceivably be in!
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I just picked up a bottle of broVo Amaro Project #10, which I've been wanting to get for a while, so thanks for providing the excuse, aubilenon!
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I fly back to SF at 7 PM that night. I'm putting myself down as a maybe for now. I'd like to make it!
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(This is just to say I wish I lived in SF and could go to your meetup! I would bring fernet for sure.)
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Yeah, why don't you live here? That doesn't make any sense
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I get off work in Berkeley at 7:30, so I probably won't get there until 8:30 or so. Will this still be going on then?
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8:30 PM? absolutely
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now it's frequently made with apricot pits, which have the advantage of not being poisonous

Apricot kernels are delicious, but don't overindulge; they're also poisonous. They're just not as poisonous.
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At the behest of asterix, I am making an apple pie. I'll update the spreadsheet!
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The spouse was scheduled to work tonight but got called in for the day instead, so there will be two of us. He's planning to bring a bottle of Averna and other materials needed for a Black & Stormy (don't bother googling, it's apparently a house specialty where he works and the recipe isn't online).

Which means I'm spending part of today making a ginger syrup. Cool enough!
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Good news, everyone! A coworker of mine offered to cover the rear end of my shift, so I'll be able to get off at 6:30. I'll only be a fifteen minutes late instead of an hour and a half!
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If anyone gets lost or something, my phone number is 415 577 3785
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Checking in.
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"I thought it was jicama!"
"I thought it was French fries!"
"Guys. That's sugar cane. "
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Not feeling well so won't be attending. Very sad about this.
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...and checking out. It was great to see everyone again, though I'm sad I had to leave so soon.
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That was brilliant. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the amaro cocktails. Amari are a brilliant ingredient that add real depth to a drink.

And much thanks to Aubelinon for hosting

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That was a whole lot of fun. Thank you so much, aubilenon!
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Super fun, great to meet everyone!
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Sorry we missed this (but Patti Smith was so so good). If y'all came up with any good cocktails, and I have no doubt you did, please share!
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Guys. That's sugar cane

Still doesn't belong in a shot of Fernet-Branca.

Actually, no. That sounds kinda tasty. I wish somebody had told me about the sugarcane option w my Fernet.
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Extremely lovely evening!
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Thanks for coming everyone! It was sure fun to see all y'al! Sorry the kittens were hiding. Everyone's gone and they're still on high alert trying to figure out all the new smells (or something)
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Now they are smelling the hell out of everything
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This was great!
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