Last Minute meet up is Last Minute because scody.
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Fri October 10 at 6:30 PM, The Radler
2375 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
MeFiChi! I light the Migs Sig for an emergency meet up!
It turns out that scody will be in town tomorrow, and she'd like to say hi! Who am I to say no? I picked The Radler for reasons, but mainly because of tables, and not trusting the Goat on Saturday Night, and more importantly, she's getting in about 5PM to ORD and staying in Logan Square, so we don't have to play fly across the city, even if traffic is the usual normal suck* she has a very good chance of actually making it in.

I'm going to try to call the Radler tomorrow and see if we can't block a table or two (depending on how many say yes) but it may be just invade and conquer. Usually, the Radler's pretty reasonable before 7PM. Plus, scody liked the menu. Plus, I like the menu. Plus, Radlers.

* Or sucks more than the normal suck.
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Argh! I would so love to do this and usually have no plans on weekends, but of course tomorrow I do have plans to hang with a bunch of friends in Pilsen. Have fun!
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Do you mean Friday or you just don't trust The Goat on Saturday?
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Actually, both.
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Wish I could, but we have family in town. Have fun!
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nooooo scody no

I can't come but I would love to meet you so much and I haven't seen eriko in about 400 years either. :(
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Well, dang it, I have to babysit tonight.
Would love to meet you, scody. Have fun.
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I'm totally heartbroken to not be able to make it down to Chicago this weekend, but my rice and beans budget is woefully travel-prohibitive. I'll be raising a glass to you all up here in Milwaukee! <3 to scody!
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It's probable that we will be a bit late -- flight is running a bit behind.
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It's now certain that we'll be a bit late. Scody is inbound to Logan Square now.
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We're here and at the bar.
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