His thoughts were red thoughts and Misfish are coming to DC!
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Sat October 4 at 4:30 PM, Bier Baron
1523 22nd Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
His thoughts were red thoughts and Misfish are coming to DC in early October so we're having a meetup! It will be at Bier Baron in Dupont starting in the late afternoon and continuing until we all leave. Hope to see you there!
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This is super exciting! Looking forward to having a few drinks with you all.
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I'll try to be there! It will depend on a lot of different moving parts falling into place correctly, so we'll see.
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Hope you can make it, capricorn!

This is our first time in US, and in DC. If you guys have any recommendations about things we should do, we are totes taking suggestions. Hidden highlights of DC?
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There's a big public art project going on, if you like that sort of thing. The Kennedy Center has free performances daily on the Millennium Stage, and the upper terrace has some nice views of the river and Georgetown waterfront.

The Calder Room at the National Gallery (East Wing) is one of my favorite places anywhere, and I like the sculpture gardens at the National Gallery and Hirshhorn. If you're down on the Mall, I'd aim for to the Eastern Market/Barracks Row area of Capitol Hill for a meal and drinks vs pretty much anything immediately to the north, personally (though I am fond of Teaism).

The zoo is good, if you like zoos. And up that way, Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant are nice neighborhoods to have a wander through. A bit further south and east, the U St and 14th St NW corridors have gotten very lively in recent years.

If you have enough time in town, Baltimore has some lovely museums and cool neighborhoods, and you can get there pretty cheaply on the MARC train.
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Awesome! Thanks Eva.
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Just wanted to say I am really looking forward to this -- see you all next week!
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We are too.

San Fran is lovely, but everyone we meet tells us how awesome DC is.
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Woohoo, looks like this one is gonna work out for me! Looking forward to meeting you guys.

I 100% agree that DC is an awesome town (although I love SF too) and second all of EvaDestruction's recommendations. But since you asked for hidden highlights:
-Kogod Courtyard at the American Art Museum & Portrait Gallery
-Union Market, which is located in the weird and wonderful Florida Ave wholesalers' market (there's a weekend flea market) and is near to A. Litteri, home of delicious sandwiches
-The Basilica, although I'd prioritize a visit to National Cathedral over that
-The Arboretum is excellent, although the weather is supposed to be kind of gross this weekend. If you do go, though, it's also right by H Street which is a very trendy neighborhood.
-We have multiple craft breweries in the city. Atlas is probably my favorite at the moment and does tours/tastings.
-BOOKSTORES! Politics & Prose (hit up Comet Ping Pong for pizza if you're up there), Busboys & Poets, Kramerbooks, or for one of those great used book excavation-esque experiences, Capitol Hill Books
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Tonight's the night! See you soon!
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Headed out now -- see you all soon! Yay!
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Running a touch late. We'll be there a bit before 5. Misfish says that my outfit makes me look like the BBC foreign correspondent for Nairobi, so hopefully I will be easy to spot.
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We are at the bar but happy to transition to a table -- I'm wearing a black shirt and skirt and beige heels (fancy!). See you whenever you arive!

If anyone comes later and can't find us, MeFi mail me and we'll seek you out.
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How late are y'all planning to stay out? I'm headed up that way tonight for something tomorrow, but I won't be in NoVa until ~10pm tonight.
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Well I didn't make it up in time tonight because VIRGINIA IS THE WORST STATE WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A REAL FREEWAY SYSTEM WHY but if y'all are up to going out again Sunday evening, please let me know.
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That was a totally delightful evening. Thanks, all!

Eva, we took your advice and went to Barracks Row for dinner - a place called Medium Rare, which only serves one dish, steak frites. It was excellent. Thanks!
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Wonderful meeting you two, and thanks for sticking with us through our baseball-related agony. Enjoy the rest of your stay!
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