West Los Angeles: August 3rd @ Sawtelle and Olympic for delicious food.
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Sun August 3 at 5:00 PM, Tsujita Annex Ramen
2050 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
So, over in the August August meetup thread, we've reached a consensus about meeting up at Sawtelle and Olympic in West LA for delicious Japanese cuisine on August 3rd. Let's plan it.

Update! Let's meet outside Tsujita Annex at 5pm on Sunday! If we have too many for Tsujita/Tsujita Annex, we can evolve from there.
Update #2! I mistyped '5' instead of '3.' Meetup is intended to be on Sunday, August 3rd. Updating now!
Update #3! It's been one of those weeks. 5pm, not 8pm. Apparently that's where the 5 in the date came from, heh. Cue nervous chuckle.
There is a great little strip of mostly-Japanese restaurants along Sawtelle between Olympic and Santa Monica. Highlights in my mind include Shinsengumi, a really great ramen joint; Tsujita and Tsujita Annex for traditional Japanese and ramen respectively; Tofu ya for diner-y ambiance with delicious korean food; and ROC, which I think is good dumplings but I could be wrong since it's been a while. Also multiple instances of Sushi Stop, which is hard to beat on the price/performance curve for sushi.

There's also Giant Robot, Black Market, and a bunch of other shops, plus a good coffee shop and shaved ice. It's pretty delicious, is what I'm getting at.

So, meetups. Dinner? It'll be a zoo, but many options. Mid-afternoon? Less reason to eat, but probably less busy. Thoughts?
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Oh gosh yessss. I vote for an early dinner (5pm? That's when I'm normally hungry after a big Sunday brunch).
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I really hope I can make this meetup, as I live super close by, and all those places you mention are so great!

Not sure if Tsujita would accommodate a large group, though. Also, in addition to Japanese cuisine, there's Plan Check, which I love and which is definitely group-friendly, and Clusi Batusi, which is an interesting pizza place.
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I'd love to try Tsujita, but I'm up for anything there. I went to Mitsuwa last night and stocked up on ramen so Plan Check sounds good, too. And that wooshing sound is my money flying out of my wallet and into the Giant Robot till.

Oh, and an earlier dinner or lunch is just fine for me.
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I'm up for whatever, though I am obsessing on learning ramen lately so new examples of that would be nice.
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This place sounds promising for ramen as well.
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Tatsu is indeed tasty (but then again, I like All The Food). It has a sometimes busy group table that could accommodate shifting numbers.
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If it's later (like later afternoon) I'm really hoping to be there. Lunch I can't make.
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I just called Tatsu and they have one table for 10, but no rezzies. (Just kidding. No reservations.)

Tsujita has booths of six, the annex only has one table that can fit four or five, but more places at the bar. The Annex suggested if it's more than four or five we go across to Tsujita because they're equally busy. No reservations either.

I'm really up for whatever place and time will accomodate the most people. Alterscape, since we have the date should we make this permanent? I'm not sure if that alerts more people or anything.

I'm so excited for ramen!
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Well, if we miraculously grow to 5+, we could always head to shinsengumi..
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Just to confirm, we're meeting at 5 PM, not 8 PM?
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Unfortunately something has come up Sunday night. Maybe I'll see you at the Little Ethopia shindig.
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Does anyone know if the Tsujita Annex accepts credit cards? The regular Tsujita doesn't, so I advise bringing cash just in case (there are a few ATMs nearby, though).
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Thanks for the head's up!
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Celsius1414, your miracle came through! Too bad you didn't ask for more miracles. :(
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Sorry for all the updates. Last week or two have been very intense in a variety of dimensions. I swear 5pm on the 3rd is the real deal, though.
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Also estherbester's right -- Tsujita Annex is cash-only.
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in town visiting, might stop by
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Oh, cool! I live just a few blocks from there. I just might have to join in and FINALLY make it to a MeFi meetup :)
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Yay, please do come by both of you. :D
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One sleep until ramen!!
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I'm heading out!
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Four of us are here!
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I came in and was told to go across the street, which is locked.

I'm wearing a black tee shirt, navy shorts and a light blue jacket.
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We are out front of Tsujita - 2050 Sawtelle.
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Seven of us are walking to Asahi Ramen, which is just north and across the street
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2027 Sawtelle
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Are people still out and about? I ended up working today :(
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dear LA mefites, logging in from my own bed to say it was really nice meeting y'all! thanks again Alterscape for setting this up, updates and all. A++, would meetup again.
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Good to meet all the new (to me) folks and thanks to Alterscape for coordination duties.

twist my arm -- glad to hear you made it home half a country away! :D
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Yes, it was great to meet everyone!
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Per our conversation across the street, here's Jonathan Gold's review of Flores and the Ladies' Gunboat Society.
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