Meetup ideas for an august August?
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Since the Getty Center IRL has yet to lock in a date for August; I'm going to un-RSVP to make the 10th more available so I thought we could try brainstorming some other ideas for the other upcoming weekends here. A few people are interested in catching a Dodgers game, and I've brought up going to catch the free UCB improv ASSSSCAT, which is free on Sundays. There's also rescheduling Ethiopian Food, and lots of other Art/Food crawl options. Any other ideas?
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I'd like to see the Route 66 exhibit.
posted by brujita at 10:03 AM on July 22, 2014

But the 10th isn't good for me.
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I can't do either of the first two weekends in August, but I'm very pro-rescheduling Ethiopian food.
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Oh, in the Getty thread Alterscape suggested Sawtelle for the 3rd, which I'd be up for.
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I would indeed be down for Sawtelle on the 3rd. I could also be convinced to do the Route 66 exhibit instead. I could also be convinced to reschedule ethiopian for later in August. It's all good.
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So the 3rd for Sawtelle and the 10th for Getty? I am indeed down for that. And Ethiopian later.

Alterscape would you like to post the Sawtelle event? I'll propose the Ethiopian event and start folks working on the 17th/24th/31st.
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Sure. If there is a Meetup Quantity Award, I think LA is having a run at it for this summer.
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Take that, Chicago!

So this was in the ramen thread and it sounds great:
flaterik: Though not strictly the subject of this article because it's their other dish: Sweet Jesus Of Food, Tsujita's Tsukemen is amazing. I had it last night and I would eat it again right now. If you live in LA and you like noodles, you MUST EAT THERE IMMEDIATELY. Cancel all of your other plans.
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More ramen please! I must have all the ramens.
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*cough* ramen crawl *cough*
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Yeeesssssssss. /gollum precious voice
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