Mefiversary - Los Angeles
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Sun July 20 at 2:00 PM, Sophie1's home
400 North Catalina Street, Burbank, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I know we're practically bursting with plans, but shall we do something to celebrate the big 15 here the weekend of Sat July 19-Sun 20?
I am open to suggestions - we're still very new in town - but I had two possible thoughts: an afternoon picnic-type gathering in some of our lovely nature, or I would be happy to host a Saturday night festive gathering at our home in Northridge if that is not unspeakably difficult to get to on a weekend evening. We have a lot of indoor and outdoor space, though for a group of >15 it might be Bring Your Own Chair If Possible. You must be able to tolerate big dogs who are very nice but love people to a sort of embarrassing extent.

I'm happy to take lead on organizing, but I'd like to hear suggestions and ideas.
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Random thoughts...

Do we know what other groups are doing?

Thank you so much for volunteering your space -- if we were to do that, or someplace else, we could could google-doc a spreadsheet of dishes for potlucking.

Griffith Park might be another idea. Or a brewery/restaurant/gastronomical spot, letting someone else take care of the washing up. ;)

Dogs are awesome, especially big ones that love people.

Saturday the 19th evening I have a prior engagement, but would Sunday be doable? Or earlier in the day on Saturday.
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I'm just about to enter an ATT dead zone for a while but there's a MeTa with anniversary meet-up talk.
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MoMu15! yeah! As a random Chicagoan who won't make it to your meetup, I'd not worry to much about what the rest of metafilter is doing -- you guys do you!

We just had our 2nd picnic-y meetup in a few days, and they were both a lot of fun.
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Wow, that's a very generous offer, thanks!

I checked all the options and there's really no way I could get there without a ride. That's my problem, though, and I totally understand if that's what everyone else wants to do. Other than that, I'm basically up for anything I can get to. However, I will have to insist that you post photos of your pups :-)

That weekend is busy but flexible for me so right now anything works. I'm not sure if drinking at parks is cool, but I'm not really a drinker so an outdoor thing would be my first choice. (I'd love an excuse to make something for a potluck.) I've been craving barbeque SO HARD so if we do go to a park I'm voting for one with BBQs.

Indoor idea: Dim Sum!
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I would very much like for this to happen. I am perfectly happy to offer my home in Burbank as well, which may be more central than Northridge (no offense!). Please let's make this happen!!
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Also, my offer in the MeTa thread of a MeFi cake stands!
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OK - Lyn Never and I chatted and how's this for the meetup

Sunday, July 20th in Burbank, 11 a.m. brunch potluck? What do you all think?
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Someone said cake?
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Yay!! I think sounds awesome, thank you. There's only one metrolink train out to Northridge on Sundays; thank you for offering your place Lyn Never but I'm glad I'll be able to come for the anniversary.

I'm happy to cook or bake but I can also bring stuff like drinks or napkins.

Sophie1, a MeFi cake would be fantastic! Now the easy part: figuring out what everyone can eat :-D

I have no dietary restrictions and I'm more than happy to have a meatless menu. I can make anything vegetarian, and have access to tons of vegan options I could bring from a "guaranteed" vegan restaurant or bakery.

If someone is doing an alcohol count, I won't be drinking.

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Yeah, Burbank is significantly easier for pretty much anyone, so that's a much better option.

I can also make/eat/bring anything.
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Woo! OK - Lyn Never - can you change the posting to the date and time?

My address is 400 N. Catalina St., Burbank 91505.

We need someone to volunteer to make a sign-up sheet or we can just bring whatever. Up to y'all.
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Done - I picked 2pm for now, and can change that when we figure out that part.
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Thanks to everybody for their help getting this going! Should be a blast!
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I could make one or two of these pizzas, maybe one without cheese? The last time I sliced it lengthwise and then into "fingers" and they made great appetizer/side dish pizza. I could also make a pile of pita or bageles. I'm kind of blanking on anything else at the moment but if anyone has any ideas I can probably make it.

I'm just wary of anything that needs to stay very cold without a car.
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Ohohoh. If they have them at the farmers market I'm going to bring the worlds greatest olives for sure.
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I've got a vegetarian (not vegan) quinoa salad that is good for parties, also I make butter toffee. Please let me know if anyone has allergies to pecans or almonds.
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Ok. You are all in for a treat. At least I think so as I have a micro-mini farm and I can a lot of jam. Also fresh eggs. From my chickens. Their names are Marsala, Potpie, Noodle and Super, just in case you needed that information.
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Yes, but are they lap chickens?
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Sophie1, you should feel free to add things to the sign-up spreadsheet that you think you'll need. That way folks can sign up to bring plates and napkins and chairs and anything else you think you might need.
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Potpie is a lap chicken. The rest, not so much. I'll add stuff to the list tonight.
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Hey, how do people feel about Brussels sprouts?
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Mostly with my teeth, but sometimes I don't even bother to chew them.
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Sophie1, did you need bagels or you bringing bagels?
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Also Sophie1 is that a tree-nuts and pea-nuts allergy?
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Or are you allergic to ALL THE TREES?
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(I don't think you need to be bringing anything since you are hosting, btw. Except a lap chicken.)
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1. Love brussels sprouts.
2. I would bring bagels, but if someone else wants to bring them, that is awesome.
3. I am allergic to peanuts and treenuts. Not all the trees.
4. I am not bringing anything, I am showcasing my talents.
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Okay, I'm down for bagels and fixins. (And olives just because olive you guys.)
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Hey sophie1, I noticed you have cake on the list (well, "caaaake") -- I was thinking of making my famous Chocolate Lava Muffins to bring, but would that be too much dessert?
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I understand much of this the English, but what is the "too much dessert" please?
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You know when I first tried to type that phrase, my fingers went all weird and acted like I was pushing two magnets of the same polarity together.
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It looks like we're going to need some fat and protein to offset an appropriate amount of dessert, so I will make sundried tomato and (nut-free) pesto cream cheese torta. And crackers, though it would also be good on bagel.
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Moar dessert. Yes.
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Hey Sophie: Do ya'll have juicer? Cause our lemon tree is exploding with lemons and I could make fresh lemonade if you have a juicer.
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I do have a juicer! Bring it on!
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This sounds like a blast. I'll do some brainstorming on what might work for a long travel down in a car - or what I can mix up fast there (I have been on an egg custard kick lately, and a broccoli salad kick). Is there a general idea of what gaps there might be? I could bake bread. I actually bake a pretty mean challah. I also make pretty awesome English Pancakes, but I'd need to cook there. I could try for stained glass jello, but the prep is up there. I do have a freezer bag and a big plastic bag of ice in my fridge.

Yes, this is stream of consciousness; it's been that sort of week and weekend.

Also, stained glass jello is awesome. I may have to make it just because of that.

I have no allergies, and am general omnivore. I like meat. I drink, but not to excess because, you know, driving. I can bring al-key-hol and mix a few tasty drinks; in fact, I could bring fixings for my favorite if enough people like milky cocktails.
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Everything sounds great Deoridhe! Anything you want!
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Can we get a count of who is coming? It says we have 5, but I have a feeling there are more of us than that!
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I'm in for sure.
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Sorry, I didn't add myself - fixed. Sophie1, is the 2pm start time still correct?
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2 p.m. seems to be good for everyone, so 2 p.m. it is.
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I'm still in but fresh lemonade is out. The tree has been harvested and pruned when I wasn't looking.
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I have solid plans for what I'm cooking and am beginning prep, so I'm pretty certain. Stained Glass Jello for EVERYONE!!! 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D
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Sorry to be a holdout-- we're still waiting for our movers to get here (with things like the kitchen, knives, and bowls), but I think we can come. If I can manage to throw together spicy sesame soba noodles, I could try to do that, but if not, I can grab a selection of hummus and cheese from Trader Joe's/The Farmer's Market? Or anything else to fill the gaps?
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We could definitely use some liquid refreshments - don't worry about making anything if your kitchen's not up and running yet! No stress!
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jetlagaddict, don't worry, I'm not bringing anything homemade, either. I just realized that I forgot to buy malt syrup so I'm definitely not making bagels now.
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I now have two containers of olives. I mention this so I will bring two containers of olives. (I'll pick up fresh bagels and stuff in the AM.)
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I'm in for at least part of the day, and I'll see if I can round up some tamales to acompany me.
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I bought a bottle each of red and white, but I also have all the makings of a batch of white sangria and can bring a jug of that if anyone will drink it. It's peachy.

I think I have 2l bottles of Coke and ginger ale unused from my last party, I can bring those as well.
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I woke up with horrible hives or something. So far the Benedryl hasnt helped but I'll see what happens.
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Sorry for the last minute rsvp, but my plans for today kept changing. What should I bring? It looks like you're set for drinks.
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Betweenthebars - ice is always good.

R641A hope you can make it! Take care.

Yay tamales!
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I got a 2L each of Coke and Diet Coke as well as a couple of San Pelligrinos to bring. Got all my muffin ingredients and realized I don't have a mixer anymore - d'oh! Deciding whether to do the manual thing or be lazy and pick up some from the local bakery. Either way, see y'all later!
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R641A, hope you're feeling better!! (I can also pick up bagels if you're not feeling up for it?)
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Jetlagaddict - that would be awesome.
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I'm really sorry but I won't make it. Thanks for offering to get bagels, jetlagaddict. I think I'm having a reaction to a new hair dye :(
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Aw, Room 641-A, we'll miss you. Feel better.
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Oh no! Hope to meet you irl soon.
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I'm not going to make it either. :( Working crazy hours this past week and today's my day off. Was hoping I could motivate myself to get moving but I have too many other things to do around the house.

Hope you all have fun, and looking forward to seeing the gang next time!
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Running a smidge late - be there soon!
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That was really lovely (though we forgot to take a group photo, which should have featured Potpie front and center). I would routinely spend Sunday afternoons eating and drinking and chatting with you fine folks.

Sophie1, please thank your housemates for putting up with our invasion. They were lovely and charming as well.
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Thanks for the great time and great food everyone -- had a blast! Hope to see y'all at our next shindig.

And especial thanks to Sophie1's household for a perfect gathering spot.
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Aww, wish I could have made it. I'm looking forward to the Getty or whatever is happening not on the 8th!
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Sorry I couldn't make it. Knew I had a lot on my plate this past weekend (which is why I stayed a 'maybe' and never confirmed), and it wound up being too much.
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Just wanted to chime in with our thanks, too-- the food was delicious, the chickens delightful, and the company great.
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I'm so sorry I couldn't make it -- Sunday turned out to be One of Those Proverbial Days. Hope to make it to another meetup soon, though!
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