DTLA Indian Fusion Gastropub: I like all of those things!
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Sun June 22 at 6:00 PM, Badmaash
108 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Something to hold us over until the Watts Tower meetup in July, how about a trip to Badmaash, the awesome Indian gastropub in Downtown? Looks as if June 22nd works for more people. I'm also guessing earlier will make it easier for us to all get in, so I'm thinking 6 PM. Let me know if that doesn't work well for y'all.
UPDATE 6/21: I've made a reservation under my name for 10 at 6 PM.

UPDATE 6/18: Here is Parkopedia with info on parking in the immediate area. (Thanks to chicainthecity for turning me onto that site.) Last time I went, it took 15 minutes or so to find an open street space.

Sundays seem to work well for most folks -- how about we choose between June 22nd and June 29th? They're open 5-10pm on Sunday evenings -- I can set up a reservation depending on how many people we wind up having.
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This is likely good for me, may or may not work with my husband's work schedule. Sounds delicious!
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In it to.. err.. naan it?
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June 22 works for myself and underpetticoatrule. June 29 we have other commitments. And we love Baadmash!
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Raita on! Put me down for the 22nd.
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I'll be there if it's on the 29th, but I already agreed to join some friends at the Bowl on the night of the 22nd.
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I too will be shakin' my thang to the sweet sounds of Janelle Monae at the bowl on the 22nd, FWIW.
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I've been under the weather but meant to confirm the 6:00 time, sorry.

Metro will basically take me from my front door to a block or from the restaurant, and the last bus back is ~10:30 so that will be great. (And after a week of basically chicken broth and egg drop soup I'm sooo looking forward to something with a ton of flavor!)
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I will see how I feel tomorrow; it's been a bit of a Week.
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We are doing the "yay, Baadmash MeFi meetup!" dance as we speak!
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Getting on the road soon
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10 of us upstairs. They'll probably have to sit anybody else separately but come say hi if you are here!
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Thanks for coming out everybody -- had a great time, awesome food, and excellent conversation! See you for the next one!
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On preview: Jinx!
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That was just freakin' awesome! Let's do it again sooner rather than later!
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Group photo.
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