NYC Queermos/LGBT Types: Wanna Hang Out?
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Thu July 10 at 7:00 PM, One Last Shag
348 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Reading through some old AskMe posts, I saw that a lot of people had responded to various questions about being gay/lesbian/bi/etc in NYC with offers to meet up and hang out. And I thought, well, I could stalker-ily message those people, or I could just post an event and see if anyone is into it.
Ok, so it turns out I am gone from NYC until July. I picked a venue and date for July, but if people hate either of those things, let me know and we can maybe change it!
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I would love to go to an event like this! Except that I am moving out of the city on June 15 and wicked busy until then. But if this happens and happens in Brooklyn and happens before June 15, I will certainly do my best to be there. What a promise, right?
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Well, Brooklyn Pride is on Sat the 14th and it's the only "twilight" parade in NYC.
(it starts at 7:30p)
I've never been but I'm going this year.

The festival is 11-5
On 5th ave between 3rd and 9th streets.

It's probably too late for this year but I would LOVE to march
In a Metafilter Pride contingent someday.
Imagine the t-shirt!

(Queens Pride is tomorrow, FYI)
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I'd be down. Weekends are ideal, though. I'm lost as to venue also-- would it have to be a gay bar? Ginger's would be a nice hang out spot, and I've never been to the Metropolitan, even though it's kind of near me.
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For gay-ish bars, I like One Last Shag in Bed-Stuy (though it'd be better during the day, when it's not all dancy). Other places with decent patios and drink selections are Franklin Park in Crown Heights and Whiskey Tavern in Chinatown. Are any of those convenient/inconvenient for people?
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I'd be in. I would go to any/all of the places mentioned!
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I could be in, but I make no promises as to actually appearing in real life (hah) because I am a chronically shy / quiet lurker type person. This sounds like a great idea though!

I don't know anything about venues. My only request would be that it's inexpensive and near a subway station.
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One Last Shag is right in my hood (and near the G, if you count that as a subway), so I second that suggestion, but Franklin Park is also pretty convenient for me. Metropolitan has a great patio but I've never been there when it wasn't super crowded.
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Hi! I almost missed that this event had been updated.

I don't know if I'll be in town on this date. I'll know tomorrow. If I am in town, count me in!
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Ugh, I'd totally love to go, but my partner and I are going to Rifftrax Live that night... maybe there will be a future meetup!
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Hmm, and I just found out that my friend is coming into town on that date... I might delete and repost this event for a later date actually. Any objections?
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None here-- my favorite instructor is teaching a class that night, and she's leaving out gym so I really don't want to miss it!
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Sadly, I won't be in town after July 7 so no objection from me.
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showbiz_liz, it would probably be a good idea to delete this so people don't think the event is happening tomorrow.
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