The Two Coasts of Mlle Valentine (aka Meet Me in San Francisco?)
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Thu June 5 at 5:00 PM, Blackbird
2124 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
As some of you may know from kindly answering my question about where to eat and drink in the San Francisco area, I'm going to be visiting your city soon. I would love to meet some SF Mefites if you all are amenable!
Update: Blackbird, 5 PM, 6/5. See you there!

I'm pretty flexible as to date/time. I'll functionally be around from Thursday 6/5 to Sunday 6/8. I managed to snag a reservation for State Bird Provisions at 9:30 on 6/5, so I'd be delighted to have a meetup earlier that evening, but other times would work as well. +1 and I like craft beer and fancy cocktails but meeting Mefites is even better, so we're open to all venue suggestions.

(I bought Spoon's album Gimme Fiction, source of my username and my meetup title, at Amoeba last time I was on your coast. Yay, SF!)
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(Obviously, don't feel obligated to come up with suggestions right away, since I know it's not for a month or so. I just want to put it on the radar. Hope to meet y'all soon!)
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Haven't been to a meetup in quite a while, so I'd be down! No particular suggestions, something off that list?
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I'm likely not going to be super helpful with suggestions since I don't have a great sense of SF geography. I would welcome some input!

I'd be happy to go with one of the places people mentioned in my question. Hog and Rocks, Orbit Room, and Blackbird seem like they aren't unbearably far from State Bird via bus. It's my impression that State Bird itself isn't very centrally located so I'm not planning to find a place right by there, but correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm also a big craft beer fan, should everyone feel like a less cocktail-centric time. In any event, I anticipate a lot of my visit is going to revolve around food/drink, and so I'm not too worried about venue for this. I would be happy to pick a location based mostly on convenience for other Mefites.

My basic parameters are: meet up late afternoon/early evening Thursday 6/5, somewhere that will enable me to get to State Bird by 9:30.
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(On the craft beer note, is there anyplace where I might be able to get Russian River on tap and be the envy of all my beer-snobby east coast friends?)
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Blackbird is right on the 22 bus line. Dalva is another good cocktail bar on the 22.
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Ooh, I thought Blackbird sounded intriguing. Draught coffee cocktail! And I see Dalva has RR on tap (at least currently).

I'll give it a day or two and if I don't hear any other strong preferences or vetoes I'll call it for one of those. Thanks, gingerbeer!
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The 22-Fillmore will take you right to State Bird Provisions and there are a plethora of good cocktail bars along it. The other option would be something along the 38 route.

Dalva also has the Hideout which gets a little claustrophobic with very many people, but it's generally a lovely bar and there should be room on the long tables in the back for a few mefites. I think we've done meetups there before.

Blackbird is larger, and has had good cocktails the handful of times I've been there. Either one should work fine.
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I forgot to say anything in this thread earlier so here is me saying something so it pops up in my recent activity!
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Elixir is also on the 22, also has good cocktails, and we have also had meetups there before.

I'm now envisioning a 22-Fillmore bar crawl....
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Finding Russian River on tap shouldn't be a problem; if it's not available at the specific place we end up it'll be easy to find elsewhere.
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Let's start at Blackbird then bar crawl if there's interest? Yay!
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Turns out I have a bit of a conflict and am speaking at a thing at 6 pm. Fortunately, it's very close by, and I have no qualms about having a drink before I go on stage, so I will be there on the early side.
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We can get there a little earlier then 5, I'm sure.
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Ooh, I can probably make this. I probably can't get there until around there a way to keep us updated where you guys are?
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We could use the thread itself to coordinate? I'm visiting town and can get to Blackbird relatively easily, but I'm also planning to go to the Academy of Sciences Thursday night event that night, so I may just drop in for an hour or two.
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Er, using the thread to coordinate location changes on the day of, I mean.
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Yeah, let's plan to use the thread to coordinate. If for some reason that doesn't work (i.e. if anyone, like my +1, doesn't have a smartphone) let me know and I'd be happy to memail my phone number and update you that way.
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It doesn't look like this place really has food. I don't drink, so what's worth eating nearby? I might stop beforehand for dinner if we're going to be at the bar for a while.
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Nothing notable in that area, unfortunately. Which might be okay. Food is better with good company, right?
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Well, as long as we go somewhere else to eat afterwards...
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Sorry I didn't think about food :(
Maybe we can bar hop to a place that has it partway through?
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Slowly climb up to Fillmore and Haight? Memphis Minnies is there, Uva Enoteca, Rickybobby, etc.
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We are here near the front! I've got a Mefi t-shirt on.
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There are also one million places to eat on Church!

We are on our way to the bus, be there soon.
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Hello from the venue!
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We're heading out for food.
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Where to? I'm going to try to intercept.
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We are at Burgermeister, at church & market
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YOU GUYS. That was great. Promise I will post a meetup soon. It will be at Virgil's Sea Room, about a five-minute walk south of 24th Mission and doesn't serve food but there's a lot of takeout nearby. Anyway. Great to see and meet you all.
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It was great to see everyone. Hopefully we can have another meet up before too long.
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☞ It was great to meet all of you!
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Yay, that was so much fun! State Bird was good! I liked the dessert courses especially.
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I put the photos up!
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mlle valentine is my 200th contact! Yay!
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