Divined by radio is visiting DC!
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Thu May 8 at 7:00 PM, Busboys and Poets (the one near the U Street metro)
2021 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
Divined by radio will be in DC so we are having a meetup at Busboys and Poets on Thursday, May 8th at 7pm. Please come so we can hang out!
That's it. There is no "more inside".
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Yay! I'm very much looking forward to meeting up with MeFiDC. Thanks for posting this, Mrs. Pterodactyl!
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Thursday is usually my darling wife's "night off" from kiddo duty but perhaps we can swap that week.

And there's totally more inside! It just claims there's not. What's the opposite of a tautology? Someone reasearch this and bring answers on the 8th.
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The opposite of a tautology is a contradiction.

See you the 8th! I will be celebrating my last day at my current job, so this is perfect!
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Yay! Looking forward to seeing you guys!
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I think I can make this one. My classes are over this week, so there should be so much room for activities!
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Yay! Looking forward to seeing you guys!
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I just checked, and 18% of my wife's comments on IRL include the word "Yay." I'm a little jealous, because I think you people are making her happier than I am.
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OMG, the weather. It's still getting down into the 30s back home so this is seriously magical. See you guys in a few hours!
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So if I ask for 'Metafilter' at the front they'll point me to the group, right? Only half joking.
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Mrs. Pterodactyl indicated this morning that if she had time this afternoon, she would drop by and ask about reserving a table under the name "Pterodactyl."* Otherwise, someone usually posts cryptic instructions about where they are, and then people circle around them, like socially awkward sharks, making brief eye contact and then looking away before they have a chance to ask if you're looking for Metafilter.

That's never been a disaster before, so when in doubt, do that.

*Not a joke, if there is a reservation it will be under this name.
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The meetups I have attended thus far have all involved people walking up to me and quietly saying, "MetaFilter?" which I love more than words can say.

That said, I was planning on heading over a bit early. I feel like noting that I have glasses and lots of tattoos isn't going to help anyone pick me out of the crowd there at all, so if we don't have a table booked by then, I'll sign us up under Pterodactyl to keep with tradition!
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Excellent. My whole life has prepared me for this moment. See y'all soon!
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Usually I just go up to people and ask "Are you from the INTERNET?" even if I know half the group and it includes my husband.
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Okay, I just called and they don't do actual reservations but you can call ahead so I'll get in touch with them at six to get the Pterodactyl name on the list. I am thinking I should say about ten people -- does that sound right? Should I say twelve?
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My wife has to work late so I think I'm going to bring the boyo and come by. How well he will tolerate this is highly questionable so don't factor me into reservations. So if you see a sweaty guy wearing the DC stars&bars on his chest and a toddler under his arm you'll know it's me.
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Okay, I've called and put us down for ten people at 7:00 under the name Pterodactyl. If you show up and can't find us, I'm 5' 7.25" (but will presumably be sitting down so that might not help), have brown hair and will be wearing a red top and will be with Bulgaroktonos who has brown hair, glasses, and I think will be wearing a white dress shirt with thin blue stripes which obviously describes very few people so no problems there.
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Save me a seat yo!
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I'm here too early! Can confirm that a Pterodactyl reservation exists but they can't seat us until 7 so I'm at the bar.
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I'm here! But there are way too many people for me to say "MetaFilter?" to everyone, so I will wait by the check in point instead. We are definitely booked under the name Pterodactyl. Yay!
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At capacity?!
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Hurry up, Bulgaroktonos is about to perform some slam poetry in the competition!
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Thanks y'all! Nothing like a good sweaty time with my mefites!
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hello hello thank you mrs. pt for organizing! great to meet you all
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I love you all.
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Given how late you people were at our house, I would describe my current state as "surprisingly good." We should do it again soon.

On a Friday.
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That was fun. Sorry I couldn't stay and chat longer. Thanks to Mrs P and divined by radio for being tolerant of the little one.

Of course now all he wants to eat are divined's invisible treats. Which would be okay if he wasn't always on about how I don't make them as well. So like a serpent's tooth...
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Yes yes, thank you so much to everyone! That was delightful! I hope divined by radio has training courses in DC on a monthly basis from now on.
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Good seeing you all! I can't wait to move forward with all of my new business partners on our GUARANTEED TOO AWESOME TO FAIL Roloex startup project. :D
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What has two thumbs and just passed her final exam while residually intoxicated?

*flips table*

Thank y'all so very much for your hospitality and overall goodness. Mi casa es su casa if ever you find yourselves in old Milwaukee.
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I would like to mention I find your desire to flip tables absolutely charming. Also, congratulations! Return often!
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I can't believe I missed that conversation, as it is something that has always astonished me. There are people who DON'T want to flip tables?

I'm not so much interested in hitting anyone but I have always wanted to be in a big bar brawl for exactly that reason - to scream something like OH YEAH? and flip over a table. I have somewhat of a similar reaction to trays, and it's one of my few bits of empathy for high school bullies. Who doesn't see a tray in someone's hand and want to FLICK it up?
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