Suicide's Requiem at The Garage
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Wed March 5 at 8:00 PM, The Garage
715 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Suicide's Requiem is a collaborative dance-theater performance created & performed by and about survivors of suicide and mental health issues - whether directly or through a loved one - soundtracked by Mozart's Requiem and personal interviews. Our aim is to educate people about suicide through personal perspectives, and encourage personal and societal healing around mental health. I have been involved with this project since day 1 and have found it profoundly powerful; I would be really honoured to have your presence.
From our director:

"Suicide’s Requiem is a dance theater rock and roll interpretation of understanding suicide, and ultimately mental illness. Eclipse wants to create an experiment in remapping the brain using somatic techniques and the music of Mozart; inspired by Dr. Alfred Tomatis’ research on Mozart and his music’s ability to stimulate the brain and put order back into the nervous system. It is our hope that the Suicide's Requiem will facilitate healing of the performers and tangentially the audience.

All of the performers are people diagnosed with mental illness in varying degrees of severity. Interviews of the cast’s personal experience with suicide, either enduring the suicide of a loved one and/or attempting suicide themselves are edited and woven into an audio fugue of personal stories.

Suicide’s Requiem aims to create awareness, freedom from stigma, vulnerable humanism, authenticity and heal our relationship to this societal problem. From the psycho-spiritual perspective we would like to educate, agitate, resolve, heal and move the conversation forward."

There are two shows: March 5 and March 6 at The Garage (715 Bryant). Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here:
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