London Invades California
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Sun November 17 at 2:00 PM, The Trappist
460 8th Street, Oakland, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm in bay area again for work 10th to 27th November. Let's have a meetup!
I'm staying in SF but working in Oakland (which I'd like to get to know better) so happy to meet in either. I'll probably plump for something simple like meeting at a bar. Any suggestions on a venue? I'm happy to meet after work but I'm guessing a weekend would be easier for people?

EDIT: Picking out The Trappist on Sunday based on feedback so far. If there are lots of objections I can move it. It will probably go on late, although I will have to leave by 8ish to go a gig.
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Mission Bar is the canonical meetup spot that's not Frjtz, if we're talking SF, although we could also do Rosamunde. Actually, we could do Rosamunde in Oakland, too; the one in Old Oakland is close to BART.
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Oh, Oakland! There's lots of great BART-accessible spots (easy for our West Bay folks to head over): in the downtown/Uptown/Old Oakland area, in addition to Rosamunde, there's District (wine & tapas bar), Plum (upscale bar with good eats), Awaken (coffee house open late), Make Westing (drinks, bocce ball, jalapeno popcorn).
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Interested! South Bay represent! So assuming I can like actually get home,
I'm in. :)
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I'm interested, especially if it is in Oakland near BART.
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Maybe if in Oakland.
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I would gladly attend, but most especially if the merriment takes place in the East Bay.
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re: Oaktown

The Trappist is loverly. We also did a successful meetup at Luka's. both are relatively convenient to BART.
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ACME Bar is not that BARTable but has great booze.
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I was at the Spice Monkey in Oakland the other day, and I thought, Damn, this would be perfect for a Metafilter meetup. They got food, drinks, a loft type upstairs, and we're really friendly to our party too.

Very close to Bart (19th street I think - near the Ice skating rink) too.

Now I've only been there once. Has anyone been there and had a negative experience?

Sorry, can't link from phone but it's
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Oh snap.

Make Westing could be fun although it's not that big, and I've been wanting to go to the Trappist. For these reasons I vote it should be in Oakland. (Even if it ends up being at neither of those places.)
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Oakland Oakland Oakland

A meetup sounds lovely!

Oakland Oakland Oakland Trappist!
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Ok let's go for The Trappist. Do we want to go for weekday or weekend?
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If we're going to do a weekend at the Trappist, it's gotta be in the afternoon; it'll be jammed in the evening (and it's not that big a place).
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If I said 2pm on Saturday 16th November at The Trappist in Oakland would there be any objections? If none I'll push it to confirmed this Saturday.

I could also do the Sunday 17th if that would be a better fit, although I'm going to a gig that evening. And no objections to the weeknight.
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Well I wouldn't be able to make it on the 16th, so I'd object!
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If it was a weekend, I'd be able to go! I just got into the area a month or two ago and I'd love to meet the me-fites in the area.
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Trappist! Mefites! Oakland! How ever will I control myself? :)
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Barring anything unusual cropping up, I should be there. Is the start time really 2PM, though? Seems...early.
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2PM on a Sunday is a very nice time at the Trappist. At risk of sounding like a lush, I've been there then many a time. (During football season, on the Sundays the Raiders have home games PBZM usually spends 6am-1pm at Raiderville pouring Bud Light, then as soon as he's off duty heads to the Trappist to meet me and drink a real beer or two.)

Sunday's predicted to be cool and breezy but clear, so the back patio may be possible, at least at first.
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Yay! A Bay Area meetup 35 miles and 1.5 hours away from me! I'm so jealous, I want to post a meetup that's closer to where I live.
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...then post a meetup closer to where you live.
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Erberus will be sporting green trousers, a UN t-shirt, glasses and a copy of Martial's Epigrams. I won't be obsessively checking the thread since I'm on roaming, although hopefully I can rope someone into doing that for me. Memail me your number soonish if you're concerned about not finding the group etc and I can text you mine.
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We'll be there around 4 or so.
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We're not going to make it -- we're having a sad day of saying goodbye to rtha's 18 year old cat Lady. Please drink up for us.
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We've all headed off. Nice to meet you all.
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Aw gingerbeer and rtha I'm sorry to hear that. :(

Other people, it was real nice to meet/see you.
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It was very nice to meet everyone. Plus, beer of hedgehogs. So wins all around.
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Dang, how did I miss this? Ugh, I'm the worst.
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