The lost ghouls meetup. Movie + Drinks + Candy in Fort Greene
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Thu October 31 at 7:30 PM, BAM Rose Cinemas
30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I've come to realize I'm not the only aimless Brooklyn mefite when it comes to Halloween this year. Perhaps there are more! This is a hybrid meetup, but that's not an option in the drop-down. Movie + drinks! And candy!
This is happening at BAM: Morricone Youth: Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lodger and you can purchase tickets here.

We can go for drinks afterwards down the street at Mullanes.

Run time is 80 minutes, so if you're only interested in drinks come to the bar at 9pm.

And to keep it festive, bring candy and trade like the old days (or more likely to just dump in a pile). Anyone bringing Chunky bars, however, will receive sideways glances.
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I actually have a proposition for an alternate activity before Mullane's, if anyone is too broke for the movie (like me) but still wants to do something (like me) - y'all would be within walking distance to the big block parties on Clinton and Waverly, where there are THREE free shows going on at three locations. Some guys on Waverly do a corny show in their garage, and a couple doors down from them you've got a jazz band that sets up on the sidewalk and does a set in zombie masks; and then on Clinton you've got "Halloween 313," this big creepy looking townhouse where they set up a stage on their lawn and enlist friends and family to be in the show and just do a free show once an hour for 3 hours. They shut down the two blocks near Halloween 313 so all the little kids can run around and do all their trick-or-treating there, so you would also get to see a bunch of adorable little kids dressed as cows and ninjas and Spiderman and whatever all going out of their minds on sugar highs.

That's all free, and is about a 5-10 minute walk from Mullanes. If you're too broke for the movie lemme know and I'll coordinate where to meet, and then we can meet at Mullane's to join the movie portion of the meetuppers. (You may even see me in costume.)
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Empress Callipygos I'd love to come wander around the street festival with you before the bar part of the meetup!
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It looks like we may have a small turnout here.

Let's do this - Wintrymix, I'll memail you my contact info. If people still want to head to Mullanes after the movie, you can give me a shout and I'll head over (with anyone else who's at the street events in tow). If I've managed to make it sound so cool that you'd rather blow off Mullane's and come join us instead, then you can let me know that and I'll tell you where we are - the main show says the shows start "around 5-ish" and end "around 9-ish", but the two side shows may run a bit longer.

Anyone who wants to do with the street festival with me, let's meet at 7:30 on the northwest corner of Dekalb and Clinton. I'll probably go with the "hippie" costume.
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Okie doke, replied! For any lurkers, we're still planning on being at Mullanes around 9pm. Per protocol, we will update the thread accordingly.
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Ooh, crap - it's supposed to rain tonight. I can't speak to what the street fair would do under those conditions.

The people who were doing that - I'll post at 7 with a weather update and any altered plans.
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Is anyone actually going to the movie? I just decided to join ya. I checked out the ticket link, and it looks like you can't purchase online. Does this mean they sold out?
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Leader of the Street Fair faction checking in again!

It is now 6:40, and I am heading out. I will make my way to the northwest corner of Dekalb and Clinton at 7:30, as stated. If you want to head there earlier, here's the details of the street festival:

AREA: This is 2 blocks of Clinton Avenue, from Willoughby Street to Lafayette Avenue. Those streets are blocked off to traffic (Dekalb Avenue, the one cross street, may still be open, so watch for cars). The stage show is on 313 Clinton Avenue, between Dekalb and Lafayette.

There may be additional shows just one block east on Waverly, in approximately the same area. Those streets would NOT be blocked off, as those shows are a little looser. I do not know the times on those, and actually cannot confirm they exist.

I will be wandering around from one spot to another, dressed in a half-assed hippie costume I put together out of a cheap costume vest and a blouse I had, with fake-as-shit "love beads;" I have a tacky bag with a peace sign on it.

SpaceWarp - because you are the only person who's confirmed interest in the street fair part, I will also email you my cell. However - it has been a bit unreliable, so I will plan to meet at Dekalb and Clinton at 7:30 no matter what in case I don't get your call.
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Hey unannihilated, not sure if they shut it down some amount of time before the movie or if that means it's sold out.

SADLY, I have decided (not sure how much choice I have, really) to WORK until drinking time. So I'm missing the movie :(

See ya'll at 9.
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I'm at deklab and Clinton on a st corner which I think is the northwest one.
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Me and Empress are on the way to the bar now if anyone's early.
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I'm leaving work in 5 minutes!
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Good job, everyone! And thanks for all the candy!
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