Fall Chicago MeFi Formal
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Sat September 28 at 5:00 PM, The Gage, The AIC, The Frog
24 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
This past weekend, EamonDaly and McMikeNamera came up with a great idea -- a Fall Formal where we can put on our fancy duds and have a night on the town together.
Crush and I agreed that it's a great idea. Here's what we've come up with.

edited details!
  1. It'll be on 9/28.
  2. If you're interested in dinner, we're having it at 5pm at The Gage, 24 S Michigan avenue. I want to make a reservation for us, so if you're attending, but skipping the gage, please let me know. Dinner will probably be done by 7.
  3. After dinner we'll walk over to the Art Institute of Chicago dressed to the Nines event. Tickets are $25 for nonmembers and $15 for members. You're responsible for getting your own ticket.
  4. We'll be doing the afterparty somewhere. Maybe at the frog, maybe somewhere else based on attendees preferences.
Also, there's no enforced dress code at any of this, so dress however you'll be comfortable. Some of us are planning on wearing our fancy suits, but if you're fancy suit is a star trek costume, or a period dress, or shorts, flip flops and a tank top, that's pretty ok with us.
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Here's Denail and I at the chiditerod 80s prom this past February.
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This does not appeal to me even in the slightest but that should in no way deter others.

I'd like to follow this in my recent activity, hence the comment.

Carry on.
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"Okay, I suppose I'll go, but if I do, I think we'll have to get me a new suit, if that's okay," said Andy, this weekend, in the least believable argument he's ever made.
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I'm totally down for this. I love fancy dress.
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What defines formal, in this case? and what sorts of activities did you all have in mind? As all of my cocktail dresses lack pockets, I lack imagination.
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Ooh, maybe this one could be combined with the firing range trip. Just spitballin' here.
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Maybe? Life has been pretty stupid of late, but man I like getting dressed up for fun things, and I'm pretty sure I could persuade baniak to go.
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I have no suits that fit me anymore, but I am interested.
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Well, the MCA does a Tuesdays on the Terrace thing through September and a First Friday thing all year. I think the Fridays are probably more cocktail-attire friendly. The Art Institute and the Aquarium have similar things.

But I'm sure Chicago has many alternatives. I mean, we could just go somewhere a little less fluorescently-lit than the Goat in our fancy pants.
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I gotta say: I kind of like the idea of a Garb, Guns, & Goat party.
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I would be very interested in this!
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I may use this as an excuse to buy a whimsical suit to contrast my standard issue black wedding/funeral suit. Make it so.
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So hitting up a local museum for a part of our formal sounds pretty good to me.

  • At the MCA, they have First Fridays for $14 in advance on 9/6 or 10/4.
  • At the Shedd they have (the stupidly named) Jazzin' at the Shedd on 9/4 (the only september date) for $18, or more if we want to reserve seats in the 'Aqua Lounge'.
  • At the Art Institute, on 9/14 or 9/28 we can go to their Dressed to the Nines event to see look at their special exhibit on the fashion of Impressionism for $25.
  • At the MSI, there's a Casino Masquarade Ball on 9/21 that will be $160 (unless you get the early bird price in the next 2 days of $100).

    Of the lot, I like the Art institute option, since it's affordable, and fancy dress. Combine this with a nice dinner ahead of time, and afterwards tracking down Mary Mac and Virgil for drinks/karaoke/awkward dancing, and that sounds like a formal to me. Though maybe we invite them along to have fun with us instead. What do you guys think? Museum or something else?

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    I vote for the AIC. Members, like me, can get tix for $15. I don't know how many, but I'll find out.
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    I am all for any of those, but also think I prefer the Art Institute one. If we do that, I think I'd prefer the 28th because I think Andy bought tickets for something the 14th, but that may be my imagination, so let me check.
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    I love this idea-- I think the MCA or AIC would be lovely choices... though, I am bit biased with a lifetime membership at AIC...
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    The AIC it is, on 9/28 because I'm slow at getting this rolling. Dinner at the Gage? Before (like 5?) or after (like 8:30?)
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    Ooh, this sounds like good times! I knew there was a reason I didn't toss my old bridesmaid dress when I moved.
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    This sounds so great! And like a wonderful excuse to go thrifting ahead of time to boot. I'll probably skip dinner but am down for the event & an afterparty.
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    I love the Gage.
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    Making the dinner reservation in the next day or two. I plan on reserving spots for all the yeses minus deliciae. So if you're a maybe and you're dining with us, let me know ASAP.
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    Reservations made for 13 at the Gage. If you need to drop out, or want to come to the dinner, give me a shout and we'll adjust the reservation as necessary.
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    You should be able to get your Art Institute tickets here. If that link is funky, click on buy tickets, then on 9/28 here.
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    I plan to buy my ticket today (MONDAY THE 9th). I have a membership and can pick up a discounted ticket for you if you want one. just shoot me a memail or an email or a tweet or comment here or whatever.
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    Already got ours!
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    I'm using my best friend's membership to buy my ticket at the end of this week - I think I can get two, so if anyone else has yet to get theirs and wants the discounted rate, let me know.
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    Now I need a hat. Or shoes. Or something to wear.
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    Mr. Fig and I got our tickets ... And I somewhat surprisingly fit into an old bridesmaid dress, so all I need is some shoes.
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    For the men: a brief tutorial on getting fancy.
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    Dude #1 in your tutorial is my spirit animal.
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    Inspired by Eamon's link.
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    garlic, I hope you are planning on wearing some open-toe shoes to show that off. Awesome.

    (do open-toe male dress shoes exist? Maybe something European?)
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    hahahahahaha is that Koi Pondering???
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    Looks more like Sturm and Drang to me.
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    It's Koi Pondering. I'm A) terrible at pictures, and B) terrible at nail painting so any flaws are mine and not the polish.
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    So, I'm trying on my dress and my bangles and my hat thing. And I say to mr. onastick, "So, should I add the feathers to the hat? I mean, the small fluffy ones, not the big long ones. Those are over-the-top, right?" and he says "Of course they are. You should totally add them."
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    I wish I could come but this stinking third shift schedule has screwed up everything social for me. Someone take pictures!
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    Victoria and I were planning on attending the dinner portion of this, but we're unfortunately going to have to back out. Have fun with your fancy selves!
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    I don't have anything to wear but I am still planning in showing up.
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    My dress is hanging in the closet mocking me, but I'm not going to make it tonight after all. So bummed. Hope everyone has a blast, though.
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    Everybody who can't make it tonight can make it up to me by coming to the meetup on Wednesday.
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    So, it's like a 60% chance of rain between 11:00pm and 3:00 am. I don't *really* want to carry my raincoat, but rain will completely ruin my dress. It's a pickle.
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    Mr. Fig and I are on I-90 now. Traffic is terrible. We will be approx 20 mins late. What name is the reservation under? We will meet you all there.
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    Reservation under my name, Dave stanford. We're at the bar.
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    That was super-fun, and clearly headed toward more fun after we had to bail. Yay!
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    We stumbled upon a trolley parked on Ravenswood on our way home and the driver asked us if we were looking to board. The key to access in life is apparently a top hat. Now you know.
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    This was a great concept with fantastic execution. Mr. Fig and I both had a lot of fun.
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    I keep checking, but ARTIC has not updated their Flickr feed yet, so there are NO PICTURES OF OUR PLUSH ATTIRE. Nor Mike's hat.
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    I was just looking for us too... maybe later this afternoon or tomorrow. I did, however, run across a picture of a guy that I used to work with who retired 5-6 years ago, which was surprising.
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    I just came in here to ask about the pictures because we didn't get a card and didn't know where they would be. I typically hate pictures of myself, but Andy is really on my case about it.

    And though there are many benefits to having a partner who doesn't get on your case about much, in the rare case when it does happen, I jump.
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    They all seem like perfectly lovely people, but I am getting tired of seeing the faces of the NOT-WE from early events in the Art Institute's Flickr stream.
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    Pics up!
    posted by eamondaly at 3:42 PM on October 3, 2013 [2 favorites]

    Damn, we are a fine-looking bunch of Internet people. So fancy!
    posted by Fig at 3:56 PM on October 3, 2013 [2 favorites]

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