Mefi post-transitpocalypse SF Meetup @ Zeitgeist
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c'mon sea legs (who started the previous thread ) encouraged me to start this thread based on the last one since they've been slacking. :) This isn't the first SF Mefi Meetup, and it won't be the last, but given that I'm a recent transplant, I'd love to try and meet some of you people (waddaya mean "you people"?) and Zeit seems like just the place to start with that! This Friday, Zeitgeist, starting 6:30pm.
Doodle has decided that Friday will be the day, and due to me leaving off the time accidentally, I'll be there starting 6:30pm; outside; weather permittings.

Since I don't actually know any of you, I'll have a florescent green t-shirt on; hopefully that will be sufficiently unique to identify me!

There's a busy agenda to be discussed, including cats-in-scanners, curated cats-in-bottes, how to make friends and influence people - while living in San Francisco, and beer pairings.
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Too lazy to disable noscript so I can fiddle with the doodle, but I am perhaps maybe in depending!
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Eh, nothing to be skeptical about. It's a dusty beer garden and the bartenders may or may not be rude, depending on your definition of rude. Excellent beer list. Cash only, bring a hoodie or jacket!
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She'll be back! She's now in the process of getting access to a commercial kitchen.
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Yeah, she wasn't banned from just there and it wasn't them that determined the banning. It's a permit issue and Zeitgeist had theirs threatened if they didn't keep her out.
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Yay, thanks for coordinating! I'm a slacker organizer but lovely in person :D.
posted by c'mon sea legs at 2:29 PM on July 10, 2013

Well, here's how you can help them return!
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I have to disagree with Zeitgeist's insistence that they're the best in SF, because Biergarten exists.
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Friday's the current popular day, so barring a last minute flood of people, that's when we'll do this.
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Would anyone be interested in this novelty-themed dinner party?
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If the date/time are set now, can you set this IRL post as confirmed so it shows up as an upcoming meetup?
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I may be in town by then- I'll try and find you guys if I can- contact info in profile!
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Would anyone be interested in this novelty-themed dinner party?

I'm realizing that I have a very busy week coming up and will not be able to get into the city on a weeknight. Alas! You don't see Stalin on the menu every day.
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So by Friday at 6:30 at Zeitgeist, do we mean *this* Friday (7/19)?
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We are a notoriously dithery lot. The best way around this is to post an IRL that you've already decided works best for you in time and place. (I have another thing that evening but I might be able to come to the meetup depending on when the other thing wraps up.)
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Oh- where is this place?
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Pjern: It's in the Mission, at 199 Valencia St. Yelp link. Accessible by bart or muni depending on where you are coming from. Hope you can make it!
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I'm coming from Indiana by by Van, don't know anything about SF geography. I'll probably need some handholding... I just stopped in Cheyenne WY.
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Wait. What's this?
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Did this ever happen? It's still in "proposed." I'm so confused.
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Count me in as another person who was confused. I was waiting for it to be finalized...
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