Pride Parade 2013 LET'S DO IT
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Although the Illinois State Senate flaked out on us this year (booooooo), SCOTUS just gave us two more reasons to celebrate equal rights, rainbow flags, and drinking at Pride on Sunday.
Anyone have a suggested meet-up point along the route? It's supposed to be a lovely 80 degrees, and--at least according to Tom Skilling--not supposed to rain!

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I think people should definitely do this. However, I'm organizing the float for my employer and will probably be on it too. But if you get together and are still together some place, let the thread know.

(I may ditch the float once it gets going because standing and waving on a float isn't necessarily my thing -- which I hope is the impression I've always given.)
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Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be working all weekend. If I miraculously finish this project up in time, I'll skate the parade with the Windy City Rollers and will meetup with the Cabal after.
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So it looks like I completely fail again in trying to organize a CC outing to the parade. Maybe someone else will do it next year (and maybe marriage equality will exist in Illinois next year).
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Yay for the attempt though! Hope you're having fun!
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