Albuquerque! Sunday! Brunch!
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Sat June 8 at 11:00 AM, annsunny's place
8001 Wyoming Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
This is the Sunday Brunch spin-off of the IRL original thread. Near the corner of Paseo del Norte and Wyoming, see inside for details.
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annsunny offered to host, if we want to go to someone's house, or we can eat out. I like the idea of going to someone's house, as it's more relaxed and people don't have to show up right on time to order all-together, and we won't feel pressured to leave to clear up tables for other guests. But that's just me - what do other folks think?
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I can do either! I think that brunch is the one I'll be able to make it to, though. I am happy to pick up stuff to bring-- bagels or coffee or fruit or mimosa stuff or whatever else.
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Keen! "Potluck" brunch sounds like a great idea. I'll bring banana bread and orange juice!
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Oh this will be fun! I have a spiral ham in the fridge, and we can do pancakes and/or eggs.

What time-ish? 11, 11:30?

I only have a French press for coffee, which doesn't make large amounts.
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I'm being bold! 11AM!

annsunny, can you give the cross-streets to your place, if not your specific address? Then I'll update this meetup.
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The major cross streets are Paseo Del Norte and Wyoming.
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We could bring our coffee press so we can have 2 coffee presses. We also have some Cafe Dumond coffee that is pretty good that I will take with but it has been open for a little while so anyone who is a coffee snob and/or hates chicory coffee should have something else, I think. I'll also bring some fancy tea and some champaign that we can mix with flt's orange juice for mimosas. If you guys are mimosa drinkers. Are you mimosa drinkers? And if so, do you have a champaign preference? I will pick up a specific one if you have one-- I have absolutely no taste in wine whatsoever and generally am like "mmm cheap bubbly stuff mixed with orange juice is the best" so seriously if that is actually horrible to actual wine drinkers please tell me and I will get something that is less faux pastastic.

Hi, I am on metafilter and I can overthink a plate of cocktails
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I am the opposite of either a food or drink snob (food bons? bons doof?). I like most food and most drink.

I'll be bringing both pulpy OJ and pulp-free OJ, plus loaves of banana bread, as I've found that I have enough bananas for 7 loaves of bread.

annsunny, I'm guessing the best route is to MeMail you for your address or phone number, for anyone who wants to come, does that sound good? Once I'm there, others can also MeMail me their phone number, and my fancy smart phone will alert me of your MeMail, and I'll call you.
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I have updated my profile with my specific address, so you can look at that, or memail me for specifics.

Mr Sunny and I picked up some champagne at Costco, um, because we were there. In other words, we love mimosas! Not too picky about coffee, and we have a massive amount of loose tea and teapots because that's the Mr's preferred morning perk. An extra press would be great, just in case.

I don't have any cow milk, just soy and coconut milk, so if you want that in your coffee, or whatever, bring some.
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Okies! If you have champaign already then I will bring lots of loose teas and an extra press, so we will have BIG VARIETY. We'll also get some fruit of some kind because fruit is good!
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I can get some bagels and or muffins (I think they have muffins) from Einstein bagels if that's okay with y'all. I like their bagels. My kitchen isn't very cookworthy, so it would be better if I brought something store-bought at this point.

Oh, I also have a french press I can bring.
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That;s great, Patheral!
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I am sorry but Mr NoraReed and I have to back out-- this damn wind has been keeping us up all night and we need weekend zzzs to survive the week properly. :( :( I hope you guys have fun and that the banana bread is v. tasty.
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So, if there are only three of us, do you still need the extra french press?
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I'm coming, but I won't need coffee. I think I'll be napping after brunch, as I was up until 2 last night, and woke up around 7 this morning.

I'll bring ruby red grapefruit, in case anyone likes it. I looove it, but I got at giant bag of it at Costco last week, and haven't been eating them fast enough. I'd hate for them to go to waste.
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Okay then, I'll grab a few bagels and head over there around 11:00. My hubby may or may not be joining me. Depends on if he can roll out of bed before then.
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You're right, we probably don't need the extra press, Pattheral.

See y'all soon!
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Thanks for a nice brunch, annsunny and Mr. annsunny! And it was good to see you again, patheral!

Next meetup: Torinos'!
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It was fun! Glad to see everyone! See y'all next time.
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Great to meet you all!
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