Friends of Gil, or at least fans of New Mexican food, round 1: Torinos'
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Sat June 29 at 12:30 PM, Torinos' @ Home
7600 Jefferson Street Northeast, Albuquerque, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
From the post on Gil Garduo NM Gastronome blog, there was a discussion of a series of meetups to eat delicious food. To this I say YES! Torinos' @ Home was suggested as the first place to go, so let's do it! The question is: when? The answer: Saturday, June 29 at 12:30!
Once there, we can chart our course to next places.
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According to the website, they're closed Sundays and Mondays and reservations are strongly suggested, so that gives us a starting point. It's close to my guy's workplace, and he likes the food, so we're game.
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Thursdays are not good, but any other night is just fine for me and co.
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Fridays are bad. I can do weekend evenings but that's a bit harder for Mr. NoraReed (though not impossible).

Also it is near my guy's workplace and he also likes the food, patheral. ARE YOU ME??
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They do serve lunch if anyone can do lunch on Saturdays.
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Depending on which day we choose, I can possibly make it down from Santa Fe. During the week will be harder for me, but doable. If anybody else wants to come and needs a ride, I can provide one.
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On a Saturday, an early lunch would be best for me.
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So far, June 29 is clear for me.
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We're good for late mornings, early afternoons. My guy usually likes to sleep late (like 1pm) on the weekends, but I'll wake him up for this one. He'll survive. I promise.

Also it is near my guy's workplace and he also likes the food, patheral. ARE YOU ME??

Totally missed this. Hehe. I guess it doesn't matter about near work on Saturdays, but I think you and I are separate people. I can't be sure though, I'll get back to you on that.
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I checked your profile and I'm pretty sure you're not me, patheral.

The 29th works for us, though.
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29th, check!

yohko, what do you mean by "early" in "early lunch"? Before noon? I'm flexible, and early works well for me/us, too, as we have a little guy who usually naps around 1:30.

I'll MeMail the local folk'ls in the next few days, to see if we can get a few more to storm the studio politely enter the restaurant.
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They say that reservations are strongly suggested. I wonder if that's true for lunches as well?
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29th works for us, too.
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Actually, it looks like I'm unlikely to be able to fit a lunch meetup in my schedule that day, so I'll withdraw from any opinion to what time lunch should be.
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I forgot about Pride! If yohko isn't able to make it and flt is able to make it a bit later, I think probably around 1 or 12:30 will allow anyone interested to get away from Pride in time to make it over to Torino's (as long as they're hanging out near the start of the parade and park in a way that doesn't trap them on the South side of Central).
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Later works for us as it's easier to pry my guy out of bed later in the day (he loves his weekend sleep). But! we're flexible. I've never heard of Pride, but I looked it up. Sounds interesting. Not my bag, but interesting.
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Works for me.
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Sounds good to me. I'll put it in my calendar. Question. Who is making the reservations? Not me, I'm awful on the phone.
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I will make the reservations if no one else will. How many? 8 have committed, 5 maybes, since yohko can't make it.
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OK! Reservations for 10 Saturday @ 12:30, for Metafilter group. I chose indoors, since it has been so hot. If the number of people coming changes, we can change the reservation.

See you all Saturday!
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annsunny, thanks for making it official!

I have been meaning to ping more local folk'ls, but I've failed on that measure. I'll do it tonight, as this is my rushed lunch break in a day long meeting. Or if anyone wants to MeMail other local folks, thanks! If you do, please leave a list of people you've contacted, so we don't duplicate efforts and all that jazz.
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OK, I've MeMailed everyone who has self-identified as living in New Mexico who hasn't chimed into this thread yet. I think I got people from the Gil's thread, too. I'll try for some more long-term outreach for the next efforts, and there's been talk of other ways to communicate with fellow New Mexican MeFites. Perhaps a Google group? Or a Yahoo community? Something on Friendster, perhaps?
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I'm looking forward to seeing y'all.
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Oh dear ghods, the food was amazing! We're wrapping up now, so those running late should hurry up, or be ready to eat on your own. It isn't busy, so you won't have to wait for a table.
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Sadly I missed the invite! Was pretty busy anyways. I think I should set up MeMail to email me alerts ;)
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