Albuquerque! Dinner! Saturday! Night! Dance! Fight? (No!)
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Sat June 8 at 7:00 PM, Rasoi
110 Yale Boulevard Southeast, Albuquerque, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
My wife left me and took the kid ... on vacation! Ha! Anyway, I'm baching it, and I decided instead of just eating all the pancakes I can manage (a la Almanzo Wilder in the Little House on the Prairie books), I should see what ruckus I could start with others. EDIT: this is now a thread for a Saturday night dinner meetup at Rasoi (110 Yale Blvd SE, ABQ), with the Sunday brunch having its own thread.
I'm available all this weekend, from Friday night through Sunday night, though I do have to be useful for work come Monday morning. Looking through Alibi's music and events for the weekend, I'm intrigued by Dank Circuits, with Xander Harris (Bladerunner EBM), Drake Hardin (banjo drone?), Alan George Ledergerber (the bleeps and the bloops), and Super Public (Underworld-esque), but if that's too much electronic nonsense for anyone else, we could get some food beforehand.

But that's just Saturday night! Other wild thoughts I've had: game night/lunch/day (we have too many games sitting around, unplayed, for far too long), or wandering around Albuquerque for no good reason other than looking through book and record shops (OK, I want a reason to go back to Mecca Music and Books), and generally anything else.

I'm located in the north end of Rio Rancho, up in Enchanted Hills, along the 550, but I'm highly mobile and motivated. I think there are more folks in Albuquerque, but if there's a strong Santa Fe contingent, I could be there, and I'd be willing to drive others. It's been too long since I've seen any of y'all!

UPDATE: I have decided, with confirmation from NoraReed on the restaurant quality, that we'll have dinner at Rasoi, followed by dancing to electronic music at 8:30 at Synchro Studio (512-B Yale SE), half a mile from Rasoi. Come for dinner! Stay for music! Just come for the music! Either way!
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The only note about my house: we have a cat and a dog, who are both affectionate. Just throwing that out there, in case my house becomes a place to do something.

And I'll clarify: if nothing else happens, I will be at "Dank Circuits," because I really, really miss live, electronic music. If it sounds intriguing but you're worried you'll look like a goon, don't worry. I'll out-goon you, in my shorts and jogging shoes or sandals (real pants and proper shoes make me too hot, especially when I'm dancing).

Also, my wife and son are traveling with her parents, as none of them have any obligations at this time. I have to work, and don't have enough time off to go on vacation this summer. So I'm at home, dog and cat sitting, and working during the week. Mourn not for my solitude, I rarely notice it.

Other relatively tame thoughts: if food will entice you to anything, I would totally be up to make a ton of pancakes, and/or banana bread, or anything else that requires well-aged bananas. Our freezer is full of frozen bananas, and I've told my wife I'll make use of them before she returns. And these foods will travel, should you want to meet somewhere else, but have banana bread present.
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I'm in Albuquerque and I'm game. I have Friday night plans but nothing for Saturday and Sunday is easily juggle-able. I might bring my manperson, too, but he is mostly a lurker.
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Tonight I'll spend time pinging all the NM-identified MeFites, but until then, could anyone who comes across this nudge the local folks? I'd like to have something happen this weekend, because we haven't met up in a loooong time.
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Sounds super fun, but I'm already booked for the weekend - but you kids have a good time! (and hi Nora! *waves*)
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While it all sounds lovely, unfortunately I have some family arriving in town this weekend. Thanks for the invite and hope to meet you all next time!
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I might be up for something. Mr Sunny and I are flying back into town tomorrow, so it depends on how tired we are. Dinner would be great, not so much the music for us. Games would be fun. One dog, not good with cats, several frozen bananas too.
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The cat has been hiding on account of the dog, for what that's worth.

Also, I told my wife that I was planning a meetup, and she was annoyed I didn't do this when she was here =)

So, if you're not available on this short notice, I'll try this crazy thing again. I've sent messages to anyone who geo-identified as being in Santa Fe or Albuquerque. If you're in Taos or farther, I left you alone. If you're in Taos and you're willing to come down for something, sorry!
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Rats, moving for an internship this weekend. Pancakes and bananas sounds lovely though. Let me know for next time!
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Boo! I'm up in the Bay Area in a work assignment until August. Let me know next time though!
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I'm up for something on Sunday? How about brunch or beer drinking outside? The marble is nice and the always have food trucks hanging around.
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Brunch or beer! Sounds great!
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Brunch on Sunday sounds lovely to me. Sorry I didn't get this earlier, I've been having dental difficulties and major mouth work done these past few weeks, so I haven't been around. What is the marble? No beer for me though, thanks.

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Marble is a tap room for Marble Brewery.
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Brunch it is! Now, where to go? I don't know Albuquerque at all, so I'll rely on the wisdom of others.

annsunny and anyone else: would you like to meet up Saturday night for dinner in SE ABQ? I'll be in the area.
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I'm in Los Alamos... But sadly I have to work Saturday :-(

I'm a recent East Coast transplant, so I don't know nothing 'bout nothing here, but I do know there's a Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque this fall, so maybe we can do some long range planning around that. Just throwing that out there.
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Dinner tomorrow would be fun! I am open to just about any kind of food, anyone have preferences for type/price?

Brunch on Sunday... at someone's house, or out? I can host, too, if no one cares how my house looks. :P We are at Paseo Del Norte and Wyoming.
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I'm open to anything/anywhere, for both dinner and brunch.

Hanging out at people's houses is nice because people can come over a bit more casually than trying to get everyone to a location at the same time, and we can hang out longer and chat more freely, without worrying about taking up a bunch of tables for too long.

Regarding dinner, I'd love to have some decent Indian food as I haven't had any in a great while, but I'm happy with anything and everything.
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I'm also at Paseo and Wyoming! Well, very close to there. I'm not free tomorrow (Saturday) for dinner, but brunch on Sunday is good for me. I'm fine with going to someone's house or eating at a diner.
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I can do either of those things! I'm in Nob Hill, but can get elsewhere.
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OK, I've made this the Saturday night dinner thread, with this being the IRL Sunday brunch thread. That way, we can identify two unique locations, for whatever that's worth.

I'll look around and throw out some dinner location ideas.
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OK, I'm hooked on the idea of Indian food. Here's a Yelp search for Indian food in ABQ, with three restaurants with good reviews right in that area, and Rasoi a mere half mile away from Synchro Studio.

Unless anyone dissuades me from Rasoi, I'll be bold and say that's where we can meet tonight, say 7pm?
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I've been to Rasoi and it's generally pretty good. What neighborhood are you guys in? Because the other one that seems to be well reviewed is Paddy Rawal, but that's in Los Ranchos.

flt, you said your wife wanted to do this again when she's in town-- there was some discussion of going to Torino's sometime in the Gil's thread a while back. That will require more planning in advance (they tend to fill up, so we'd want to have people RSVP and then make a reservation), but if we have time to do that we should do that.

I think we will actually manage to go tonight and tomorrow for brunch. Yay mefite time!
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I'm running 15 minutes late
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I could not help it. I did not eat much naan.

It was good to see you again, NoraReed, and to meet your Mr. Reed =)

Next meetup: Torinos'!
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