Out of Town Meetup?
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My wife (dancingfruitbat) my adorable 1-year-old son and I are going to be in San Diego from February 1st through February 5th and would love to meet up with some MeFites while we're visiting. Except for Friday night we don't have set plans in the evening although we will be meeting with a lot of relatives. The first two nights we will be in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood and then moving on to Pacific Beach for the next few days. We've gotten really excited reading the Convoy Street blog and would be especially interested in a meetup there!
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Oh man, so close. It'll be OK though - I'm sure people won't have a problem going back out there.
posted by LionIndex at 7:32 AM on January 29, 2013

Oh too bad, I'll be busy all weekend. :(
But let me know if you try anything on Convoy and how you liked it!
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We went to both Tajimas (both the Ramen House and Izakaya) and thought they were pretty good. Now I know I don't have to eat thinly-sliced grilled beef tongue again.
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