Sausage, beer, no waiting.
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Wed August 29 at 7:00 PM, Rosamunde
2832 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Rosamunde in the Mission, sometime during Burning Man.
Some of us were saying at the last meetup that we should meet up somewhere in the Mission during the annual Burning Man rapture. But nobody's posted it yet. So here it is. Rosamunde in the Mission (2832 Mission, steps from 24th Street BART). Delicious pork products and delicious beer. I have a flexible schedule these days, so I'll let other people fight over the time.

Those of you with cars should feel free to drive around, park, then drive around some more, and park again, and so on. (Preferably your joyriding should be done before the consumption of the beers.) Maybe before or after the meetup you should drive up to Dolores Park and get some ice cream at Bi-Rite and then sit in the park and eat it.
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I'm skipping what would be my 13th consecutive burning man, because that's so incredibly unlucky that I didn't even get a ticket. So anyway I'll be there! (as long as it's not this upcoming weekend)

Especially the part about bi-rite.
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This is an excellent idea.
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I have a good feeling about this, and I'm asking the bf when he wakes up.
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Excellent. How about Wednesday the 29th? 7 pm?
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I will confirm that time unless someone names another time in the next few hours.
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sounds good to me
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Confirmed! Wednesday at 7.
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This is something I could do.
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Yessss, haven't been to a meetup in a while.
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I wish I had seen this in time to suggest monday, where Rosamunde has pub trivia from 8-10.
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Looks like I'm taking a last minute road trip to Sac for the night to see one of my oldest friends, so I'm gonna miss yet another meetup.
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We didn't title this Sausage Fest?

I'm boycotting. (ok. Busy till 10, so probably same result.)
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We'll be there!

And I just learned that Rosamunde will deliver to our house for free. Thanks, Metafilter!
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I feel like it's been a hundred years since I've seen y'all, but the Boy and I are out of commission. He dropped the lid to the Le Creuset on his bare toe the other day and he basically can't walk at the moment. Alas, alas, alas!
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Ow! We can come to you, instead?
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Heading over now.
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Where is everyone? I am on the tree trunk
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Well, behind one of them, at least..
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On my way!
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Be there soon.
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We are here!
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Here, have a picture of a Sam-wich.
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That was totally fun.
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I had to work for all the hours today seeing all the people and I couldn't handle any more human interaction. Sorry I missed you!
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What fun! Thanks for the good times!

Only a couple of photos, but I'll have them up there in just a little bit.

Kayla and Geordi, it was great to meet you two, but I completely spaced on your usernames and possibly on the correct spelling of Geordi, so I'm reverting to the ST:TNG spelling! I hope that doesn't turn you off of attending future meetups!
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Photos are up!
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